Sunday, 14 November 2010

What can we expect at Jaghboub

As I post this, I am in the middle of a short holiday combined with a field trip that ends up at the remote north eastern oasis town of Jaghboub.  Here is how the UN winter census describes the near-by lake Melfa.  

The authors of the report from which this section is extracted were: 

As you can see the report is enticing. Further research by me has concluded I might see more wintering Isabeline wheatear and desert wheatear on the way from Tobruk along with hoopoe lark, Temminck's lark and bar-tailed lark. All are on the Collins guide distribution maps. 

However the guide, along side all other publications, is a consequence of under-reporting. 

I have several species in mind that may also be there - most ideas are as a result of their sighting at Siwa oasis on the Egyptian side of the border. I'm not going to list them since I might be very disappointed. However, we will know very soon.

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