Friday, 4 February 2011

Update on the big birds of Marj

I went on a whirlwind tour of three different birding venues today. One was a short stop at Old Marj to see (among other things) how the white stork were doing. 

Two weeks ago it looked like most just returned, perhaps that day, from their winter rest (though a small number over-winter at Marj).

white stork on nests at Old Marj

It now looks like they think its spring because they were nearly all starting to occupy their nests.

close up view at Old Marj

There are two main groups of white stork nests at Old Marj. I could see the first group had occupied their nests. A quick glance at the neighbouring set of trees shown me that the other group were doing likewise.

second smaller group of nests at Old Marj

I really don't think it will be long before eggs are laid though I am not (yet!) an expert on white stork behaviour. My big presumption is that the season here is a couple of months ahead of Bulgaria for example.

This blog is about the big birds of Old Marj.  One of the other local big birds is long legged buzzard.Today there was one sitting four trees away from the white stork nests.

long legged buzzard at Old Marj

You may remember that the last time I saw this bird (same one?) it was being mobbed in the air by two raven and eventually retreated.

long legged buzzard and raven

Well after a minute watching this bird two raven turned up and sat on the tree next to it. They mobbed it again! and he had to leave. They are making the long legged buzzard's life a misery. 

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