Thursday, 5 January 2012

Persian wheatear still there

The last time I visited the dam of Wadi Hanifah near Al Hayer was in late October. Then I was with Tony, a British birder here on business. This time I went alone.

There were some changes in the bird species but tonight I am writing about something that hasn't changed. A Persian wheatear was still there on the rocky land next to the western escarpment. Its possible to presume it was the same one as Tony and I saw. However, it could be another as I have seen three others this winter in other locations along Wadi Hanifah.

Persian wheatear near Wadi Hanifah dam

Nevertheless, short of having a ringed bird this comes closest to showing a Persian wheatear has spent all winter in Wadi Hanifah at the same location.

back view of the Persian wheatear

I'll blog tomorrow about the other birds I saw near the dam. One was another wintering bird from the same part of the world as the wheatear.

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