Friday 30 March 2012

A huge Spanish sparrow flock

I didn't see my first Spanish sparrow at al hayer until October 27th and he was in a mixed group of house sparrow and a couple of streaked weaver. However from November at least four or five flocks of them were often about in the area.

Since the beginning of March I had n't noticed any until Wednesday. Then I stumbled on the biggest flock of them I have ever seen.

two males detached for a moment from the main flock

At a conservative estimate there were 600 birds. it appears that several of the flocks I had be seeing had merged into a single mega flock. The reason I had seen any in March was probably that it was all or nothing.

distance shot of part of the flock on a tree

In the guides it says there often migrate in a dense flock but how many people have been lucky enough to to be at the start point when they are forming up, ready for the migration?

distance shot of part of the flock moving position

I didnt manage to get a photograph with all the birds in it. Part of the reason was they wouldn't allow me anywhere near close. Remember there were 600 pairs of eyes.

distance shot of part of the flock on a couple of bushes

They would split and reform like a shoal of fish.  I managed to get good photos of the two males at the top of the blog taking advantage when a few split off for a moment but every time they re-formed. 

My best guess is the flock is now along way north and out of Saudi Arabia.

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