Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mansur finds a barn owl

My freind Mansur Al Fahad's family are orginally from the Zulfi area and he still has friends and family up there. 

Barn owl near Zulfi by Mansur Al Fahad

Over the months, his friends have often tipped him off when they see an unusual bird in the area. They have been especially helpful with owls.

This time a barn owl was reported in an abandoned hamlet outside Zulfi.

Barn owl is a rarely seen bird in the farming areas of northern and central Saudi Arabia. 

Mansur had the patience to wait in the known area from before dusk until about 8pm when the barn owl appeared. 

area in daylight where the barn owl can be found 

I congratulate him on his find and being able to get a picture. I can't find any other picture of a barn owl taken in Saudi Arabia though I am sure there must be some.

I am out of Saudi Arabia on summer vaction. I hope to be able to blog on my travels and with any important news from Saudi Arabia such as Mansur's find.

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