Thursday 27 February 2014

King Fahad Park in Dammam

On Saturday afternoon, Bernard Bracken and I called on King Fahad Park in Dammam having been birding on the coast all weekend until then.

Our expectations weren't that high and for most of the time there the birding was relatively poor.

It was only when we sat down and relaxed at the end of the trip that we saw anything at all unusual.

We sat in the shade next to where a presumed leaky pipe had created a makeshift small pool at the edge of the service road.

little ringed plover

To our surprise it was visited by a little ringed plover.

landscape at King Fahad Park

This was not the only wader which turned up. 

Temminck's stint

A Temminck's stint also made an appearance. These are two good waders in unexpected surroundings.

second view of Temminck's stint

Near-by a Daurian shrike was resting and a kestrel flew overhead. This was the only kestrel seen all weekend.

Daurian shrike

Otherwise the birding in the park had been very flat. A small number of white wagtail had been around the water features.

white wagtail

The other birds had predictably included white eared bulbul and laughing dove.

white eared bulbul

Strangely no pipits or wheatears were seen at all.

laughing dove

Common myna and house sparrow made up the list of perched birds. 

common myna

A distant greater spotted eagle was the only eagle seen all weekend.

Overall I can't really recommend the park for winter birding but I suspect it comes to life in the passage seasons.

This weekend I am off to Yanbu on the west coast where the birding is always good. 

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