Thursday, 20 March 2014

Still some life at the farm after all

There has been no further dismantling of the university farm on the way to work since last week.

I decided it still worth visiting for birding on my way home. I did this on three evenings this week (Sunday, Monday and Wednesday). I am glad I did.

semi-collared flycatcher on Sunday

On Sunday evening, there was a male semi-collared flycatcher on site. I have seen plenty in the south west of the country but this was my first in the Riyadh area. However Riyadh is on a known migration route.

I didn't see it on Monday evening but I did see a male semi-collared flycatcher again on Wednesday evening. Of course, I can't be entirely sure it was the same bird.

semi-collared flycatcher on Wednesday

Given how small the remaining gardens are on the former farm, tracking the flycatcher(s) as it moved around wasn't difficult.


There were other passage birds in the gardens too. Several chiffchaff were seen especially on Monday evening.

another chiffchaff

That evening a lesser whitethroat and another wryneck were around as well.

lesser whitethroat

The terrain is now inhospitable for little green bee-eater which are seldom seen so far within the city.

little green bee-eater

I am pretty sure it is the temporary storage of so many bee hives which is keeping them anchored to the old farm!

bee hives

On Wednesday evening, a lone rose-ringed parakeet arrived just as I was giving up to go home.

As said before I will keep visiting the gardens occasionally until they are no more.

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