Monday, 11 August 2014

Rimini, Italy

Rimini has plenty of parkland used extensively by locals and tourists. I undertook some leisurely birding among them on the morning of August 5th.

My first objective was to get good views of  male Italian sparrow. It looks like a house sparrow body with a Spanish sparrow head. In habits it appeared to me more like a Spanish sparrow. For example, it seems rarely to visit houses. 

male Italian sparrow

While tracking Italian sparrow, I inadvertently came across tree sparrow in some trees.

Tree sparrow

There are two birds which are often out in the open within wooded areas alomst any where in southern Europe in summer. These are spotted flycatcher and red-backed shrike.

spotted flycatcher

Spotted flycatcher was particulrly common within the town.

red-backed shrike

As in San Marino, blackbird was extremly common and tame.

young blackbird

There were so many young birds, it was good to see an adult male every now and again.

male adult blackbird

Both goldfinch and greenfinch were in the parkland areas.

young greenfinch

Only one warbler was seen and that was a male blackcap.

adult yellow-legged gull

It would be easy to build a very large birding list at Rimini if you had the time. As well as parkland and gardens there is the coast. I didn't visit the coastline but even in the marina, there were two types of gull readily observed.

first year yellow-legged gull

Yellow legged gull and black-headed gull were present in about equal numbers.

black-headed gull

This was the first time I had ever done any birding in Italy however light.

Species seen during walks around Rimini on August 5th.

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