Monday, 23 March 2015

Mid March at Ayn Hamran

I birded dawn to dusk on both Friday and Saturday but before that on late Wednesday afternoon, I made a short trip to Ayn Hamran.

The birding was a little quiet possibly because it was so warm.

Several of the birds were coming to the water's edge to drink.

These included a namaqua dove. This species is not at all common in southern Oman. 

namaqua dove

I have only seen it at two places. These are in or near Sawnout Farm and at Ayn Hamran.

rufous bush robin

The passerine spring migration continued to be weak. Indeed the only obvious spring migrant was a single rufous bush robin.

common sandpiper

Several of the wintering birds were still present such as common sandpiper.

grey wagtail

Grey wagtail has been there all winter too.

cinnamon-breasted bunting

Standing still and watching birds coming to the water is a good strategy now for many of the passerines. It may well work in the coming days with any migrants that pass through. I will certainly try it.

African paradise flycatcher

For other birds you still have to go into the woods or at very least into a cluster of trees. African paradise flycatcher are nearly always seen.

In the next blog I will write about Friday's full day in the desert.

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