Thursday, 15 December 2016


Having stayed over night at Aleg, last Friday Mohamed Vall and I pressed on further south to Boghe (Bogué) on the Senegal River for Saturday morning.

We spent most of the morning birding around Lake Jintu which is about two kilometres from the Senegal River itself but without the border police authorisation issues associated with the River itself.

This blog is about the land birds seen in areas adjacent to the lake and in the town itself.

little weaver

Boghe is so far south it is in the range of little weaver which was readily seen. Though this species was flocking so you either saw several or they could be missed altogether.

African mourning dove

There are reports of African mourning dove in Nouakchott though I have never seen one. Once again Boghe is more central to the range. I can see why it has an alternative name of grey-headed dove.

pygmy sunbird

On this trip I added 20 species to my country list. Little weaver was one and pygmy sunbird was another. Both were first seen in Boghe.

white-rumped seed-eater

Seed-eaters are serins. A flock of white-rumped seed-eater was roaming around a small rubbish dump. They were so busy foraging that they allowed us close views. This bird reminded me of Yemen serin. Both birds are drabbly marked and much more enjoyable to seasoned birders than the general public or even beginner birders.

female red-billed firefinch

Red-billed firefinch was also observed in the incongruous surroundings of the same rubbish dump.

greater blue-eared starling

Both greater blue-eared starling and chestnut bellied starling were seen in the town though the later bird is normally more associated with the countryside.

red-cheeked cordonbleu

Red-cheeked cordonbleu is typical of the species only seen in Mauritania close to the Senegal river. The same goes for little green bee-eater. Both were present in Boghe.

Blue-naped mousebird

In contrast, blue-naped mousebird ranges as far north as Nouakchott. However it is more common in the south.

The next blog will recount our observations at Lake Jintu in the town. More additions to my country list came there too.

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