Sunday, 1 August 2010

Focus on recent research - introducing a new feature

Until 5 years ago there had been very little new research in Libya since Bundy who published his checklist of Libyan birds in 1976. Now there has been a flurry of activity from bird watchers such as me and from birding ornithologists. Between us we are all putting Libya on the birding map.

More than half of the output has been produced by one team led by Jens Hering. Arguably just as important has been the data collected by the annual UN water bird count by an international team each winter.

minature copy of African reed warbler article kndly sent by Jens Hering

You can see a full list of scientific papers on the African Bird Club website's Libyan pages. I don't aim to compete with that. However I aim to look in some depth at the work  of these two groups and that of Bruno Masso over the coming weeks.  I am starting by listing their published papers on a new static page tab called "Focus on recent research" . Visit the static page over the next few weeks as I add summaries - in part kindly contributed by Jens himself. Any commentary from me will be clearly identified as in the best scientific tradition.

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