Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Watch out for lesser crested terns

I have recently been blogging about my birding holiday in Senegal although my main birding takes place in Libya. There is at least one very direct connection between the two places.  Many Lesser Crested Tern are known to winter in Senegal and other places along the west African coast. 

The lesser crested tern is a very special bird for Libya because over 90% of the Mediterranean population breeds in Libya. I am reproducing a message posted on the African bird club discussion group today. I hope it explains all!

"For the third year in August 2010, 215 chicks of Lesser-crested Terns have been ringed in Libya by an international team led by Environmental General Authority (EGA - Tripoli) and Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA - Tunis). Details on this ongoing project on this webpage: http://www.cr-birding.be/
I would simply like to stress that for those of you who have plans to birdwatch along the coasts of Morocco to Benin, we would be very grateful if you could check legs of this species and report on cr-birding. Rings are white with 1 black letter followed by two black figures.

Pierre Defos du Rau

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