Saturday, 11 September 2010

Flickr resources on Libyan birds

The Libyan bird watching community continues to expand and there is more birding and research now than at any time in the past generation. I am a relative newcomer. One who is longer standing is Abdulmaula Hamza. He is a senior person in the Libyan Environment General Authority and is a true expert on Libya's special bird, the lesser crested tern. He is currently completing a PhD on the tern at Hull University in the UK. 

He keeps a flickr account with several pictures of Libyan birds which I enjoy viewing. My personal favourite is the flock of glossy ibis. This bird is not common in Libya but 40 or so winter at Taourgha Springs every year. I have added a link to this flickr resource at the side of my blog. Please take a look!

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  1. Dear Rob
    Thanks for these words, hope I deserve them. I have uploaded some new LCT photos to the page.
    here is the missing link