Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Uweinat open for business

I have wanted to go to Uweinat for some time. It's one of those under-reported, remote places where birders love to find some thing new. It's so remote from the rest of Libya that anything is possible. Uweinat is shared between three countries - Libya (which has the most of the mountain) Egypt,and Sudan.  

The Libyan side of the mountain is now more freely accessible to visitors again following previous troubles from the Sudanese side.

Last year an Italian tour company toured the southern Libya with a short stop at Uweinat. But in early November,  FJ expeditions  are spending 10 days there. Although their primary goal is rock art, I know they collect information on birds. Their web site
is an excellent resource for bird information.  

Here is their itinerary:

2-3 days at Jebel Arkenu
To my knowledge, the eastern sandstone part of Arkenu had never been explored. There are several wadis descending to the plains to the north-east, with several basins in the upper areas that may harbour rock art sites. The plan is to explore this eastern sandstone part on foot, taking a 2-3 day trek.
8 days at Jebel Uweinat
The plan will be to make at least two treks to the Emeri highland (via Ain Duarme) to visit the sites recorded by the Italian team, and if possible look for more promising areas. The remainder would be spent at Ain Dua and Wadi Waddan (if we are permitted to do so) to locate the new sites, and again if possible seek out new ones.
A day trip to Jerghueda Hill
This can easily be done from Ain Doua, the question of course is whether we will be permitted to do so. The rock art sites and the environment is very nice, on the return we may pass by the other granite hills SW of Uweinat to see if anything may be found there.
Return to Kufra via Jebel Sherif
Again subject to permits, we hope to return via Jebel Sherif to see Clayton's wrecked cars at Jebel Sherif.

I can't go. Its not in my holiday time. But I am looking forward to their results. The area has many unsolved myseries. See my new page on "dreaming of a visit to Uweinat"

Dont forget look up GreenEye tours who also visit Uweinat, usually from the Egyptian side.


  1. call in sick! - it's only three days!

  2. I cant now you have told the world!