Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Videos of endemic partridges

My birding friend, Mansur Al Fahad takes videos of his birds in the same way as I take photographs.

When he visited the south west of Saudi Arabia in October he got video of the two endemic partridges.

both partridges together

He found Philby's partridge in the same place as I did within walking distance of the Golden Tulip Hotel, Baha and actually on a side road.

I had also seen Arabian partridge at the same place but a different time of day. Mansur was luckier still. Watch the video and see what happens at about 54 seconds.

Philby's partridge with guest appearance

Some people struggle to see either bird during a prolonged visit to the area. I have never worked out why because I have always found them relatively easily (but red-breasted wheatear which is from the same area on the other hand is nemesis bird of mine). Indeed some journals say the partridges are rare. I simply don't believe it!

Arabian partridge

In another spot, Mansur filmed Arabian partridge in a classic place - right next to a sheer drop. This really is typical. Every time I have seen them there has been a sheer drop very close-by for them to make a rapid and successful escape. They may be elsewhere too but I recommend that all efforts to find them should start next to drops!

Thanks to Mansur for letting me show his videos.


  1. Hi Rob
    I cannot watch the video on my computer. It says the video is private.


  2. Tom ,thanks I have changed the settings. Try now. Rob