Arabian breeding birds

This list is NOT mine but has been prepared for the use of contributors to the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Arabia (ABBA) project. Further details of the ABBA project and its newsletter, Phoenix, are available from the Project Coordinator, Michael C. Jennings,Warners Farmhouse,Warners Drove, Somersham,Cambridgeshire, PE283WD, UK. Tel/Fax 01487 841733 (International 0044 1487 841733) Email;

0001 Struthio camelus OSTRICH Native birds extinct, but reintroduced, also escapes.
0007 Tachybaptus ruficollis LITTLE GREBE Migrant and winter visitor. Opportunist breeder in fresh water habitats.
0009 Podiceps cristatus GREAT CRESTED GREBE Scarce winter visitor and breeder.
0012 Podiceps nigricollis BLACK-NECKED GREBE Winter visitor and opportunistic breeder in fresh
water habitats. A pelagic species.
0035 Bulweria fallax JOUANIN'S PETREL Pelagic. Breeds Socotra.
0049 Puffinus lherminieriAUDUBON’S SHEARWATER Occurs off coasts of southernArabia. Has bred Kuria Muria Islands.
0064 Phaethon aethereus RED-BILLED TROPICBIRD Breeds islands and coastal cliffs southern Arabian Gulf, the Gulfs of Oman and Aden and the Red Sea.
0068 Sula dactylatra MASKED BOOBY Breeds on islands of southern Oman and Red Sea.
0070 Sula leucogaster BROWNBOOBY Breeds Red Sea islands. Seen along whole length of Red Sea and eastwards to Dhofar.
0072 Phalacrocorax carbo Great Cormorant Mainly winter visitor, has bred Bahrain.
0081 Phalacrocorax nigrogularis SOCOTRA CORMORANT Main breeding islands are in the Arabian Gulf, but also occurs Gulfs of Oman and Aden, rarely southern Red Sea.
0088 Pelecanus onocrotalus GREAT WHITE PELICAN Winter visitor. One old breeding record from Kuwait.
0090 Pelecanus rufescens PINK-BACKEDPELICAN Breeds islands of southernRed Sea. Observed whole of Red Sea and shores of eastern Yemen.
0098 Ixobrychus minutus LITTLE BITTERN A migrant which also occasionally breeds.
0099 Ixobrychus sinensis YELLOW BITTERN Scarce visitor Dhofar and probably breeds.
0104 Nycticorax nycticorax BLACK-CROWNEDNIGHTHERON Migrant and winter visitor. Has bred Arabian Gulf and Riyadh.
0107 Butorides striata STRIATED HERON Resident all coasts except the northern Arabian Gulf.
0108 Ardeola ralloides SQUACCO HERON Has bred Arabian Gulf and Riyadh.
0111 Bubulcus ibis CATTLE EGRET Resident south west coastlands. Migrant elsewhere. Has attempted to breed at Riyadh.
0118 Egretta gularis WESTERN REEF HERON Breeds all coasts.
0122 Ardea cinerea GREY HERON Common visitor and scarce breeder.
2031 Ardea melanocephala BLACK-HEADED HERON Breeds rarely south-west Arabia
0124 Ardea purpurea PURPLE HERON Has bred southern Red Sea and central Arabia but the majority of all records are of migrants.
0125 Ardea goliath GOLIATH HERON Straggles to all coasts, breeds southern Red Sea.
0126 Scopus umbretta HAMERKOP Resident freshwater habitats in south west.
0132 Ciconia abdimii ABDIM'S STORK Breeding summer visitor to Yemen.
0142 Threskiornis aethiopicus SACRED IBIS Breeds south-west Arabia and introduced elsewhere.
0144 Platalea leucorodia EURASIAN SPOONBILL Scarce migrant to most coastal areas resident and breeds Red Sea coast.
2044 Platalea alba AFRICAN SPOONBILL May breed, south-west Arabia.
0147 Phoenicopterus roseusGREATERFLAMINGOCommonwidespread visitorwhich has bred Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Red Sea coast.
0148 Phoeniconaiasminor LESSERFLAMINGO Erratic occurrence coasts of southern Arabia where has built nesting mounds.
0170 Alopochen aegyptiaca EGYPTIANGOOSE Introduced and now established as a resident on the UAE coast, especially in areas of mangroves.
0171 Tadorna ferruginea RUDDY SHELDUCK Erratic occurrence; has bred eastern Saudi Arabia.
0186 Anas platyrhynchos MALLARD Migrant. Also resident at a few sites in Saudi Arabia and UAE.
0194 Anas clypeata NORTHERN SHOVELLER Common visitor. Has bred eastern Saudi Arabia.
0202 Aythya nyroca FERRUGINOUS DUCK A migrant and winter visitor that has bred in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
0235 Elanus caeruleus BLACK-WINGED KITE Rare visitor (possibly residents) to south west where it has bred. Vagrant other areas.
0238 Milvus migrans BLACK KITE Migrant all areas. Resident population in the south west from Jeddah to Dhofar.
0246 Gypaetus barbatus BEARDED VULTURE Resident in western highlands. Decreasing and now rare in Saudi Arabia.
0247 Neophron percnopterus EGYPTIAN VULTURE Widespread resident except northern Arabia.
0251 Gyps fulvus GRIFFON VULTURE Widespread except the north east where only a straggler. Not known to breed in Oman and UAE.
0254 Torgos tracheliotos LAPPET-FACEDVULTUR EWidespread breeding in central plains and northern Oman/UAE. Absent western highlands.
0256 Circaetus gallicus SHORT-TOED EAGLE Mainly a migrant and visitor, but breeds occasionally.
0257 Terathopius ecaudatus BATELEUR Resident in south west.
0265 Melierax metabates DARK CHANTING GOSHAWK Resident in south west.
0266 Micronisus gabar GABAR GOSHAWK Resident in south west.
0272 Accipiter badius SHIKRA Resident in south west. Scarce visitor (breeding?) to UAE.
0288 Buteo rufinus LONG-LEGGED BUZZARD Widespread but uncommon resident.
2034 Buteo ‘socotrae’ SOCOTRA BUZZARD Resident Socotra. (Nomenclature under review)
0294 Aquila rapax TAWNY EAGLE Resident in south west.
0296 Aquila chrysaetos GOLDEN EAGLE Widespread but uncommon resident. central plains and Oman.
0297 Aquila verreauxiiVERREAUX'SEAGLE Scarce resident, highlands of Dhofar, southern and western Arabia.
0299 Hieraaetus fasciatus BONELLI'S EAGLE Scarce but widespread resident.
0301 Pandion haliaetus OSPREY Breeds islands, all coasts, also a migrant, including inland.
0303 Falco naumanni LESSER KESTREL Has bred once in northern Saudi Arabia, also a migrant.
0304 Falco tinnunculus COMMON KESTREL Widespread breeding bird but also common migrant and winter visitor.
0312 Falco concolor SOOTY FALCON Breeding summer visitor to islands of the Red Sea, southern Arabia and southern Arabian Gulf. One inland breeding record.
0314 Falco biarmicus LANNER FALCON Widespread but rare and apparently decreasing.
0320 Falco peregrinus PEREGRINE FALCON Migrant,breeding status needs confirmation.
0321 Falco pelegrinoides BARBARY FALCON Widespread resident.
0355 Alectoris chukar * CHUKAR Highlands of the extreme north west and Musandam and UAE. Also introduced Abu Dhabi islands.
0360 Alectoris philbyi * PHILBY'S CHUKAR South western highlands.
0361 Alectorismelanocephala *ARABIAN PARTRIDGE Western highlands, eastern Yemen,Dhofar and northern Oman.
0362 Ammoperdix griseogularis SEE SEE PARTRIDGE Introduced Sir Bani Yas island, UAE.
0363 Ammoperdix heyi * SAND PARTRIDGE Widespread except in north east.
0364 Francolinus francolinus * BLACK FRANCOLIN Introduced UAE coastlands.
0365 Francolinus pondicerianus * GREY FRANCOLIN Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Northern Oman.
Extending northwards.
0370 Coturnix coturnix COMMONQUAIL Uncommon and local breeding bird, also widespread common migrant.
2001 Coturnix delegorguei HARLEQUIN QUAIL Erratic occurrence in south west coastlands. Breeding very likely but status needs confirmation.
2035 Pavo cristatus INDIAN PEAFOWL Has bred in semi protected situations, e.g. Sir Bani Yas island UAE.
0398 Numidameleagris *HELMETED GUINEAFOWL Lowlands of southwest Arabia. Decreasing and threatened.
0400 Turnix sylvaticus COMMON BUTTON QUAIL Very few records, south west lowlands. Likely to be sedentary.
0407 Rallus aquaticus WATER RAIL Migrant and winter visitor, breeds sparingly.
0408 Porzana porzana SPOTTED CRAKE Winter visitor, breeds northern Arabian Gulf.
0410 Porzana parva LITTLE CRAKE Widespread, scarce migrant. Has bred northern Arabia.
0424 Gallinula chloropus COMMON MOORHEN Opportunistic breeder in freshwater habitats, also a migrant and winter visitor.
0427 Porphyrio porphyrio PURPLE SWAMPHENGALLINULE Has bred Kuwait. Vagrant elsewhere.
0429 Fulica atra COMMON COOT Opportunistic breeder in open freshwater habitats. Also winter visitor.
0431 Fulica cristata RED-KNOBBED COOT Scarce visitor, escapes have bred.
2036 Balearica regulorum GREY CROWNED CRANE Free flying birds have bred in the Arabian Gulf
0444 Chlamydotismacqueenii ASIANHOUBARAWinter visitor to mainly eastern Arabia, breeds in small numbers northern Saudi Arabia, southern Oman and eastern Yemen. Reintroduced central Saudi Arabia.
0445 Ardeotis arabs ARABIAN BUSTARD Uncommon extreme south west lowlands. Threatened.
0447 Hydrophasianus chirurgus PHEASANT-TAILED JACANA Has bred Dhofar.
0455 Himantopus himantopus BLACK-WINGED STILT Opportunistic breeder wetland habitats, also common migrant.
0456 Recurvirostra avosetta PIEDAVOCET Opportunistic breeder in wetland habitats, also scarcemigrant.
0458 Dromas ardeola CRAB PLOVER Breeds Arabian Gulf and Red Sea islands and southern Arabia.
0459 Burhinus oedicnemus EURASIAN STONE-CURLEW Winter visitor, has bred.
0461 Burhinus capensis SPOTTED THICK-KNEE Uncommon south west foothills and Tihama, also Oman.
0464 Cursorius cursor CREAM-COLOURED COURSER Widespread breeding and apparently a local migrant.
0465 Glareola pratincola COLLARED PRATINCOLE Widespread occasional breeding and common migrant.
0469 Charadrius dubius LITTLE RINGED PLOVER Breeding summer visitor to freshwater wetlands.Also common migrant.
0477 Charadrius alexandrinus KENTISH PLOVER Breeds all coasts and inland freshwater sites, also common migrant.
0479 Charadrius leschenaultii GREATER SAND PLOVER Widespread migrant and rare breeder
northern Arabian Gulf
0487 Vanellus spinosus SPUR-WINGED LAPWING Disjointed breeding range in the west. Rare visitor elsewhere.
0490 Vanellus indicus RED-WATTLED LAPWING Resident UAE and Oman. Vagrant other parts of eastern Arabia.
0492 Vanellus leucurus WHITE-TAILEDLAPWING Has bred eastern SaudiArabia and UAE wetlands. Otherwise widespread. Scarce migrant.
0571 Larus hemprichii SOOTY GULL Red Sea southern Arabian and southern Arabian Gulf.
0572 Larus leucophthalmus WHITE-EYED GULL Red Sea and coast of south west Arabia.
0588 Larus genei SLENDER-BILLED GULL Common visitor and rare breeder Arabian Gulf.
0605 Sterna nilotica GULL-BILLED TERN Occurs all coasts and inland, mainly winter and spring. Has bred.
0606 Sterna caspia CASPIAN TERN Widespread breeding sometimes colonially.
0608 Sterna bergii SWIFT TERN Breeding summer visitor, all coasts; probably some resident southern Red Sea.
0609 Sterna bengalensis LESSER CRESTED TERN Breeding summer visitor.
0611 Sterna sandvicensis SANDWICH TERN Widespread migrant and visitor, has bred northern Gulf.
0614 Sterna dougallii ROSEATE TERN Scarce summer visitor, breeds Oman.
0620 Sterna repressa WHITE-CHEEKED TERN Breeding summer visitor.
0622 Sterna anaethetus BRIDLED TERN Breeding summer visitor.
0623 Sterna fuscata SOOTY TERN Has bred Oman. Scarce visitor elsewhere.
0624 Sterna albifrons LITTLE TERN Uncommon migrant. Has bred freshwater and brackish areas of eastern Saudi Arabia and possibly Red Sea.
0625 Sterna saundersi SAUNDERS’S TERN Summer visitor to coasts, some likely to be resident.
628 Chlidonias leucopterus WHITE-WINGED TERN Widespread migrant, has bred Kuwait.
0630 Anous stolidus BROWN NODDY Summer visitor to Red Sea, southern Arabia and Oman.
0657 Pterocles lichtensteinii * LICHTENSTEIN'S SANDGROUSE Widespread in rocky habitats - not present in central and north eastern areas.
0658 Pterocles coronatus CROWNED SANDGROUSE Widespread, common only in Oman.
0659 Pterocles senegallus SPOTTED SANDGROUSE Widespread but common only in Oman.
0660 Pterocles exustus CHESTNUT-BELLIED SANDGROUSEWidespread except central and northern areas.
0662 Pterocles alchata PIN-TAILED SANDGROUSE Widespread, often common, winter visitor to northern Arabia. Has bred.
0665 Columba liviaROCKDOVEWidespread. Confusablewith feral pigeons. (The code for feral pigeons is 2032).
0670 Columba palumbus common WOODPIGEON Resident Oman highlands, scarce northern and eastern Arabia.
2009 Columba arquatrix african OLIVE PIGEON Breeding locally in south west highlands.
0683 Streptopelia roseogrisea AFRICAN COLLARED DOVE Western and south western Arabia.
0684 Streptopelia decaocto EURASIAN COLLARED DOVE Range expanding towards south west.
0685 Streptopelia semitorquata RED-EYED DOVE Local in south west.
0687 Streptopelia turtur EUROPEAN TURTLE DOVE Common migrant and widespread breeding bird.
0688 Streptopelia lugens DUSKY TURTLE DOVE Highlands of south west.
0690 Streptopelia senegalensis LAUGHING DOVE Common and widespread.
0692 Oena capensis NAMAQUA DOVE Widespread and erratic occurrence and breeding.
0703 Treron waalia BRUCE'S GREEN PIGEON Summer visitor to south west and Dhofar.
0712 Psittacula krameri ROSE-RINGED PARAKEET Introduced exotic, established inmost large towns where resident.
2024 Psittacula eupatria ALEXANDRINE PARAKEET Introduced exotic, present Bahrain, UAE.
2017 Cacatua galerita SULPHUR-CRESTED COCKATOO Introduced, has bred.
2008 Melopsittacus undulatus BUDGERIGAR Introduced, has bred.
715 Clamator jacobinus JACOBIN CUCKOO Scarce migrant and breeder south west.
0720 Chrysococcyx caprius DIDERIC CUCKOO Summer visitor to south west, parasitizes Rüppell's weaver.
0721 Chrysococcyx klaas KLAAS'S CUCKOO Summer visitor to south west.
0724 Cuculus canorus COMMON CUCKOO Widespread migrant, breeds Musandam.
2002 Centropus superciliosus * WHITE-BROWED COUCAL Resident south west lowlands.
0735 Tyto alba * BARN OWL Widespread resident.
2003 Otus senegalensis AFRICAN SCOPS OWL Probably sedentary in south west and Dhofar.
0738 Otus bruceiPALLID SCOPSOWL Breeds UAE and northern Oman. Scarce elsewhere also a migrant.
2033 Otus sokotranus SOCOTRA SCOPS OWL Resident Socotra. (Taxonomy under review)
0744 Bubo ascalaphus DESERT EAGLE OWL Widespread in north and central areas.
0745 Bubo africanus SPOTTED EAGLE OWL South west and Oman.
0757 Athene noctua * LITTLE OWL Widespread in desert areas.
0762 Strix butleri * HUME'S OWL Widespread in rocky habitats.
0772 Caprimulgus inornatus PLAIN NIGHTJAR Breeding summer visitor. Scarce in south west.
0773 Caprimulgus nubicus NUBIAN NIGHTJAR Breeding summer visitor. Scarce in south west.
2018 Caprimulgus poliocephalus MONTANE NIGHTJAR Local resident western Saudi Arabian highlands.
0796 Apus pallidus PALLID SWIFT Migrant, and widespread breeding summer visitor.
2038 Apus berliozi FORBES-WATSON'S SWIFT Socotra and possibly coasts of southern Arabia.
0798 Tachymarptismelba ALPINESWIFT Breeds central plains and southwest; scarcemigrant elsewhere.
0800 Apus affinis LITTLE SWIFT Resident in south west, vagrant other areas.
0802 Cypsiurus parvus AFRICAN PALM SWIFT South west coastlands in the vicinity of Doum Palm.
827 Halcyon smyrnensis WHITE-THROATED KINGFISHER Scarce visitor Arabian Gulf, has bred Kuwait.
0829 Halcyon leucocephala GREY-HEADED KINGFISHER Summer visitor to south west.
2004 Todiramphus chloris * COLLARED KINGFISHER Local resident Oman/UAE and Red Sea coast.
2005 Alcedo cristata MALACHITE KINGFISHER Scarce resident eastern Yemen.
0837 Merops albicollis WHITE-THROATED BEE-EATER Summer visitor to south west. Vagrant elsewhere.
0838 Merops orientalis GREEN BEE-EATER Widespread except the north and north east.
0839 Merops superciliosus BLUE-CHEEKED BEE-EATER Breeds locally in eastern Arabia, common migrant elsewhere.
0840 Merops apiaster EUROPEAN BEE-EATER Breeds locally in eastern Arabia, common migrant elsewhere.
0841 Coracias garrulus EUROPEAN ROLLER Migrant, has bred UAE cultivations.
0842 Coracias abyssinicus ABYSSINIAN ROLLER Resident in south west.
0843 Coracias benghalensis INDIAN ROLLER Oman and UAE, scarce winter visitor to north east.
0846 Upupa epops HOOPOE Common migrant. Widespread but scarce breeding.
0847 Tockus nasutus * AFRICAN GREY HORNBILL South west.
0890 Dendrocopos dorae * ARABIAN WOODPECKER Western highlands and foothills.
0952 Mirafra cantillans SINGING BUSH LARK Southern lowlands including Dhofar.
0953 Eremopterix nigriceps BLACK-CROWNED SPARROW LARK Widespread resident but also nomadic with erratic occurrence in many areas.
0954 Eremalauda dunni DUNN'S LARK Widespread and nomadic.
0955 Ammomanes cinctura BAR-TAILED LARK Widespread and nomadic.
0957 Ammomanes deserti * DESERT LARK Sedentary. Widespread in rocky areas.
0958 Alaemon alaudipes * GREATER HOOPOE LARK Widespread open deserts.
0960 Ramphocoris clotbey THICK-BILLED LARK Winter visitor northern and central Arabia. Breeds rarely in north.
0962 Melanocorypha bimaculata BIMACULATED LARK Winter visitor especially to north, where has remained to breed.
0967 Calandrella blanfordi * BLANFORD’S SHORT-TOED LARK South west highlands.
0968 Calandrella brachydactyla GREATER SHORT-TOED LARK Widespread in winter, a few remain to breed.
0970 Calandrella rufescens LESSERSHORT-TOEDLARK Widespread winter visitor, some remaining to breed in north.
0972 Galerida cristata * CRESTED LARK Widespread resident.
0979 Eremophila bilopha TEMMINCK'S LARK Northern and central Arabia. Vagrant Yemen.
0990 Ptyonoprogne obsoleta PALE CRAG MARTIN Widespread, rocky areas.
0992 Hirundo rustica BARN SWALLOW Widespread and common migrant; breeding only known from Musandam.
0995 Cecropis daurica RED-RUMPED SWALLOW Breeds south west highlands and locally in central Arabia, scarce migrant elsewhere.
1002 Anthus cinnamomeus AFRICAN PIPIT Small resident population in southwest highlands. A vagrant in other areas.
1007 Anthus similis LONG-BILLED PIPIT Resident south west Dhofar and eastern highlands.
1017 Motacilla flava YELLOW WAGTAIL Migrant, has bred.
1035 Pycnonotus leucogenys WHITE-CHEEKED BULBUL Arabian Gulf, introduced Riyadh.
1036 Pycnonotus xanthopygos *WHITE-SPECTACLED BULBUL Widespread and common except north east.
2006 Pycnonotus cafer * RED-VENTED BULBUL Introduced and has bred in several Gulf towns.
2007 Pycnonotus jocosus * RED-WHISKERED BULBUL Introduced Gulf and Riyadh.
1089 Prunella fagani * ARABIAN ACCENTOR Yemen highlands.
1095 Cercotrichas galactotes RUFOUS-TAILED SCRUB ROBIN Widespread migrant, uncommon but widespread breeding species.
1096 Cercotrichas podobe BLACK SCRUB ROBIN Common south west and central regions; range expanding eastwards.
1135 Cercomela melanura BLACKSTART Rocky deserts except in the east and north east.
1139 Saxicola torquatus COMMON STONECHAT Common migrant and winter visitor. Resident south west highlands.
1144 Oenanthe isabellinus ISABELLINEWHEATEARWinter visitor, may breed eastern highlands some years.
1145 Oenanthe bottae * RED-BREASTED WHEATEAR South west highlands.
1149 Oenanthe deserti DESERT WHEATEAR Winter visitor, has bred.
1151 Oenanthe moesta RED-RUMPED WHEATEAR Scarce, not proved to breed (north-west only).
1154 Oenanthe lugens MOURNING WHEATEAR Widespread winter visitor, resident in northern and north central areas.
2020 Oenanthe lugentoides ARABIAN WHEATEAR South west highlands, east Yemen and Dhofar.
1155 Oenanthe monacha * HOODED WHEATEAR Scarce but widespread resident.
1156 Oenanthe albonigra HUME'S WHEATEAR Rocky northern parts of Oman and UAE.
1157 Oenanthe leucopyga * WHITE-CROWNED WHEATEAR Widespread in rocky areas, status in eastern and southern Arabia is unclear.
1161 Monticola rufocinereus * LITTLE ROCK THRUSH South west highlands.
1182 Turdus menachensis YEMEN THRUSH South west highlands.
1225 Parisoma buryi * YEMEN WARBLER South west highlands and foothills.
2016 Cisticola haesitatus * SOCOTRA CISTICOLA Socotra.
1226 Cisticola juncidis * ZITTINGCISTICOLA Southwest coastlands, single records Dhofar and Kuwait.
2015 Incana incana * SOCOTRA WARBLER Socotra.
1227 Prinia gracilis * GRACEFUL PRINIA Widespread but local in central Arabia.
1231 Scotocerca inquieta * SCRUB WARBLER Widespread except north eastern areas.
1238 Locustella luscinioides SAVI'S WARBLER Scarce migrant, has bred.
1241 Acrocephalus melanopogon MOUSTACHED WARBLER Local breeder. Winter visitor to north.
1251 Acrocephalus scirpaceus EURASIAN REED WARBLER Common migrant, breeds where dense
reedbeds present.
2021 Acrocephalus avicenniae RED SEA REED WARBLER Red Sea mangroves.
1252 Acrocephalus stentoreus CLAMOROUS REEDWARBLER Breeding resident coastal mangroves. Scarce migrant.
1253 Acrocephalus arundinaceus GREAT REED WARBLER Migrant, increasing numbers breed.
2048 Acrocephalus griseldis BASRA REED WARBLER Scarce migrant, has bred Kuwait and Riyadh.
1255 Hippolais pallida OLIVACEOUS WARBLER Migrant and breeding summer visitor.
1256 Hippolais rama SYKES’SWARBLER Scarce migrant and winter visitor, breeds mangroves coast of Gulf of Oman.
1271 Sylvia leucomelaena * ARABIAN WARBLER Western Arabia to Dhofar.
1281 Phylloscopus umbrovirens BROWN WOODLAND WARBLER South west highlands.
1336 Muscicapa gambagae GAMBAGA FLYCATCHER South west highlands and foothills.
1353 Terpsiphone viridis AFRICAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER South west and Dhofar.
1378 Turdoides caudata COMMON BABBLER Has recently colonised Kuwait.
1379 Turdoides squamiceps * ARABIAN BABBLER Widespread except the north east.
1492 Hedydipna metallica NILE VALLEY SUNBIRD South west to Dhofar.
1493 Cinnyris asiaticus PURPLE SUNBIRD UAE and northern Oman.
1494 Cinnyris habessinicus SHINING SUNBIRD Western Arabia to Dhofar.
1495 Cinnyris osea PALESTINE SUNBIRD Western Arabia to Dhofar.
2014 Chalcomitra balfouri SOCOTRA SUNBIRD Socotra.
1501 Zosterops palpebrosus ORIENTAL WHITE-EYE Resident Mahawt island Oman.
1504 Zosterops abyssinicus ABYSSINIAN WHITE-EYE South western highlands to Dhofar.
1508 Oriolus oriolus EURASIAN GOLDEN ORIOLE Uncommon migrant, has bred.
1509 Tchagra senegala BLACK-CROWNED TCHAGRA South western to Dhofar.
1514 Lanius isabellinus RED-TAILED SHRIKE Common migrant, has bred eastern highlands.
1516 Lanius vittatus BAY-BACKED SHRIKE Scarce visitor, has bred Oman.
1520 Laniusmeridionalis SOUTHERNGREYSHRIKE Widespread resident, also a common migrant and winter visitor.
1549 Pica pica * EURASIAN MAGPIE Local, highlands of south west Saudi Arabia.
1562 Corvus splendens HOUSE CROW Coasts of northern UAE and Oman, Aden and major ports elsewhere.
1571 Corvus ruficollis BROWN-NECKED RAVEN Widespread and common.
1574 Corvus rhipidurus FAN-TAILED RAVEN Rocky areas of western and central Arabia and Dhofar.
1575 Onychognathus tristramii TRISTRAM'S STARLING Western highlands to Dhofar.
2010 Onychognathus frater SOCOTRA STARLING Socotra.
2011 Onychognathus blythi SOMALI STARLING Socotra.
1576 Cinnyricinclus leucogaster VIOLET-BACKED STARLING Summer visitor to the south west.
1577 Sturnus pagodarum BRAHMINY STARLING Exotic, has bred UAE.
1582 Sturnus vulgaris COMMON STARLING Winter visitor, has bred UAE.
2039 Sturnus contra ASIAN PIED STARLING Introduced, has bred UAE.
2026 Lamprotornis superbus SUPERB STARLING Introduced UAE.
1587 Acridotheres tristis COMMON MYNA Introduced and breeds many large towns.
1588 Acridotheres ginginianus BANK MYNA Introduced, UAE.
1591 Passer domesticus * HOUSE SPARROW Common and widespread except Masirah, Socotra and Farasan, not present isolated desert areas and parts of Yemen and Oman.
1592 Passer hispaniolensis SPANISH SPARROW A winter visitor which increasingly breeds.
2012 Passer insularis SOCOTRA SPARROW Socotra.
2073 Passer hemileucus ABD AL-KURI SPARROW Abd Al-Kuri island only.
1600 Passer euchlorus ARABIAN GOLDEN SPARROW Tihama of the south west.
1601 Carpospiza brachydactyla PALE ROCKFINCH Erratic migrant and winter visitor. Opportunist breeder.
1602 Gymnoris xanthocollis YELLOW-THROATED SPARROW Breeding summer visitor to northern Oman and UAE.
1603 Gymnoris dentata BUSH PETRONIA Local resident Yemen highlands.
1612 Ploceus galbula RÜPPELL'S WEAVER Resident south west, introduced Riyadh where has bred.
2019 Ploceus philippinus BAYA WEAVER Introduced, has bred.
2028 Ploceus manyar STREAKED WEAVER Introduced, has bred.
2040 Ploceus intermedius LESSER MASKED WEAVER Introduced, has bred Sharjah.
2053 Ploceus jacksoni GOLDEN-BACKED WEAVER Introduced UAE.
1616 Estrilda rufibarba * ARABIAN WAXBILL South west.
2029 Amandava amandava RED AVADAVAT Introduced, has bred.
1617 Amandava subflava * ORANGE-BREASTED WAXBILL Introduced, Yemen.
2063 Foudia madagascariensis RED FODY Escape, breeds Bahrain
1618 Lonchura malabarica INDIAN SILVERBILL Indigenous to eastern Arabia. Has been introduced to central and western parts of the peninsula.
1619 Lonchura cantans AFRICAN SILVERBILL Resident western Arabia to Dhofar.
2042 Lonchura punctulata SCALY-BREASTED MUNIA Exotic - has bred
1645 Serinus rothschildi ARABIAN SERIN Resident south west highlands and foothills.
1646 Serinus menachensis YEMEN SERIN Resident south west highlands.
1647 Rhynchostruthus socotranus GOLDEN-WINGED GROSBEAK Resident south west highlands,Dhofar and Socotra.
1653 Carduelis carduelis EURASIAN GOLDFINCH Scarce visitor, breeds north west.
1661 Carduelis yemenensis YEMEN LINNET Resident south west highlands.
1674 Rhodospiza obsoletaDESERT FINCHResident northwestArabia, range extending to central Arabia.
1676 Bucanetes githagineus TRUMPETER FINCH Widespread resident, arid rocky areas.
1688 Carpodacus synoicus SINAI ROSEFINCH Resident north west.
1863 Emberiza striolata HOUSE BUNTING Widespread resident, arid rocky areas.
1864 Emberiza tahapisi CINNAMON-BREASTED BUNTING Resident south west highlands.
2013 Emberiza socotrana SOCOTRA BUNTING Socotra.
1882 Emberiza calandra CORN BUNTING Winter visitor, has bred eastern Arabia.