My Oman list (330)

I arrived in Oman on August 31st 2014 and left on July 5th 2016. It was a wonderful time. I will continue to visit. Musandam and Mahout island will be my main target destinations as they hold several localised species.

On my very last birding session, sea watching on July 4th I added Swinhoe's storm petrel to my list. The list below was downloaded from e-bird before this happened.

This list is compiled by e-bird and uses the Clements list. It includes four species which are classified as E or unclassified by the Oman Bird Records Committee. These are red avadavat, galah, zebra finch and tambourine dove. 

On the other hand, there at least four an equal number of species accepted by the IOU but not by Clements. The IOU list is used by the Oman Bird Records Committee. The four extra species which would be counted by IOU are a result of the following splits: yellow-billed kite and black kite, southern grey shrike and steppe grey shrike, peregrine falcon and barbary falcon as well as western cattle egret and eastern cattle egret.

Species Location Date
Lesser Whistling-Duck Al Mughsayl (general area) 29-Nov-14
Greater White-fronted Goose Khawr Rawri 11-Nov-14
Ruddy Shelduck Raysut Lagoons 22-Nov-15
Cotton Pygmy-Goose Al Mughsayl (general area) 5-Dec-14
Gadwall Khawr Sawli 26-Oct-14
Eurasian Wigeon Khawr Rawri 26-Nov-14
Mallard Ayn Sahnawt 12-Nov-14
Northern Shoveler Wadi Salalah 20-Sep-14
Northern Pintail Al Mughsayl (general area) 26-Oct-14
Garganey East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Eurasian Teal East Khawr 11-Sep-14
Common Pochard Khawr Rawri 26-Nov-14
Ferruginous Duck Al Mughsayl (general area) 14-Nov-14
Tufted Duck Khawr Sawli 5-Nov-14
Sand Partridge North slope, Thumrait-Salalah Road 7-Feb-15
Common Quail Sahnawt farm 6-Jan-15
Arabian Partridge Wadi Darbat 4-Sep-14
Grey Francolin Al Ansab Lagoons 7-May-15
Little Grebe Baleed Park, Salalah 18-Sep-14
Black-necked Grebe Raysut treated water lake 3-Dec-14
Greater Flamingo Al Mughsayl (general area) 2-Oct-14
Lesser Flamingo Khawr Rawri 28-Dec-15
Jouanin's Petrel Mirbat pelagic 6-Nov-15
Flesh-footed Shearwater Ras Janjari 30-May-15
Wedge-tailed Shearwater Ras Janjari 30-May-15
Sooty Shearwater Raysut cliffs 2-Jul-16
Persian Shearwater Mirbat pelagic 6-Nov-15
Wilson's Storm-Petrel Mirbat pelagic 6-Nov-15
Red-billed Tropicbird Raysut cliffs 11-Mar-15
Black Stork Wadi Darbat 31-Oct-14
Abdim's Stork Raysut rubbish tip 1-Nov-14
White Stork Raysut rubbish tip 6-Oct-14
Masked Booby Ras Janjari 1-May-15
Brown Booby Al Mughsayl (general area) 3-Dec-14
Great Cormorant Khawr Rawri 3-Oct-14
Socotra Cormorant Al Mughsayl (general area) 3-Dec-14
Yellow Bittern Al Mughsayl (general area) 14-Nov-14
Little Bittern East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Grey Heron East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Purple Heron East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Great Egret East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Intermediate Egret Khawr Sawli 5-Nov-14
Little Egret East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Western Reef-Heron East Khawr 9-Sep-14
Cattle Egret East Khawr 11-Sep-14
Squacco Heron East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Indian Pond-Heron Baleed Park, Salalah 18-Sep-14
Striated Heron Raysut Lagoons 8-Oct-14
Black-crowned Night-Heron Raysut treated water lake 27-Sep-14
Glossy Ibis East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Sacred Ibis East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Eurasian Spoonbill East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Osprey East Khawr 16-Sep-14
Egyptian Vulture Sadh 6-Dec-14
Oriental Honey-buzzard South Saadah 10-Nov-14
Lappet-faced Vulture Tawi Atayr 7-Oct-14
Griffon Vulture Raysut settling pools 20-Dec-14
Short-toed Snake-Eagle Wadi Hanna 9-Oct-14
Lesser Spotted Eagle East Khawr 29-Oct-14
Greater Spotted Eagle Wadi Darbat 31-Oct-14
Booted Eagle Wadi Darbat 17-Oct-14
Tawny Eagle Raysut rubbish tip 20-Nov-15
Steppe Eagle Raysut rubbish tip 6-Oct-14
Imperial Eagle Raysut Lagoons 16-Oct-14
Verreaux's Eagle Jebel Samhan 17-Feb-15
Bonelli's Eagle Ayn Razat 12-Sep-14
Eurasian Marsh-Harrier East Khawr 19-Sep-14
Pallid Harrier Sahnawt farm 10-Oct-14
Montagu's Harrier Khawr Taqah 17-Oct-14
Shikra Ayn Hamran 19-Jan-15
Eurasian Sparrowhawk Wadi Hanna 21-Nov-14
Black Kite Khawr Taqah 11-Nov-14
Pallas's Fish-Eagle Raysut Lagoons 29-Jan-16
Common Buzzard Wadi Hanna 25-Dec-14
Long-legged Buzzard Dawkah 28-Aug-15
White-breasted Waterhen Crown Plaza 9-Jan-15
Little Crake Al Mazyunah - Old Sewage Pond 12-Feb-16
Baillon's Crake Raysut treated water lake 1-Nov-14
Spotted Crake Khawr Rawri 14-Sep-15
Common Moorhen East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Red-knobbed Coot Khawr Rawri 3-Oct-14
Eurasian Coot Khawr Sawli 3-Nov-14
Demoiselle Crane Raysut Lagoons 2-Jan-15
Stone Curlew Raysut Lagoons 11-Dec-15
Spotted Thick-knee East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Black-winged Stilt East Khawr 9-Sep-14
Pied Avocet Wadi Salalah 20-Sep-14
Eurasian Oystercatcher Raysut Lagoons 8-Oct-14
Grey Plover Khawr Salalah 26-Sep-14
Pacific Golden-Plover East Khawr 13-Sep-14
Spur-winged Lapwing Raysut settling pools 13-Dec-14
Red-wattled Lapwing Khawr Awqad 28-Nov-14
Sociable Lapwing Sahnawt farm 17-Dec-14
White-tailed Lapwing Khawr Sawli 20-Nov-14
Lesser Sand-Plover East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Greater Sand-Plover Baleed Park, Salalah 18-Sep-14
Caspian Plover Khawr Salalah 26-Sep-14
Kentish Plover East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Common Ringed Plover East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Little Ringed Plover Wadi Salalah 26-Sep-14
Greater Painted-Snipe Raysut settling pools 26-Aug-15
Pheasant-tailed Jacana Wadi Darbat 13-Nov-14
Terek Sandpiper Raysut coast 9-Jan-15
Common Sandpiper East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Green Sandpiper Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
Spotted Redshank Wadi Salalah 27-Nov-14
Common Greenshank East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Marsh Sandpiper East Khawr 24-Sep-14
Wood Sandpiper East Khawr 11-Sep-14
Common Redshank East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Whimbrel Khawr Salalah 20-Sep-14
Eurasian Curlew East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Black-tailed Godwit East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Bar-tailed Godwit East Khawr 16-Sep-14
Ruddy Turnstone East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Ruff East Khawr 13-Sep-14
Broad-billed Sandpiper Wadi Salalah 20-Sep-14
Curlew Sandpiper East Khawr 13-Sep-14
Temminck's Stint East Khawr 11-Sep-14
Long-toed Stint East Khawr 24-Sep-14
Sanderling East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Dunlin East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Little Stint East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Long-billed Dowitcher Khawr Rawri 16-Mar-15
Asian Dowitcher Al Ansab Lagoons 17-Dec-15
Jack Snipe Raysut settling pools 9-Jan-15
Common Snipe East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Pin-tailed Snipe Khawr Rawri 18-Oct-14
Red-necked Phalarope Al Mughsayl (general area) 2-Oct-14
Crab Plover Ras al Sawadi 9-May-15
Cream-colored Courser Eftelqoot 29-Nov-14
Collared Pratincole Raysut settling pools 21-Sep-15
Slender-billed Gull East Khawr 10-Oct-14
Black-headed Gull East Khawr 26-Nov-14
Sooty Gull East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Pallas's Gull Raysut Lagoons 26-Dec-14
Caspian Gull Raysut Lagoons 16-Oct-14
Lesser Black-backed Gull East Khawr 16-Sep-14
Brown Noddy Khawr Rawri 3-Jun-15
Bridled Tern East Khawr 9-Sep-14
Little Tern Souq al Seeb 8-May-15
Saunders's Tern Baleed Park, Salalah 18-Sep-14
Gull-billed Tern Baleed Park, Salalah 18-Sep-14
Caspian Tern East Khawr 24-Sep-14
Black Tern Raysut settling pools 6-Dec-14
White-winged Tern East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Whiskered Tern Wadi Salalah 20-Sep-14
Common Tern East Khawr 5-Sep-14
White-cheeked Tern East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Great Crested Tern East Khawr 1-Sep-14
Sandwich Tern Raysut Lagoons 16-Oct-14
Lesser Crested Tern Raysut Lagoons 28-Oct-14
African Skimmer Taqah beach 27-Jan-15
Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse East Khawr 9-Sep-14
Spotted Sandgrouse Side road to Asafaa factory 11-Oct-14
Crowned Sandgrouse Mudayy-Mazyunah road 17-May-15
Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse Ayn Sahnawt 12-Nov-14
Rock Dove Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
European Turtle-Dove Sahnawt farm 17-Dec-14
Oriental Turtle-Dove Sahnawt farm 17-Dec-14
Eurasian Collared-Dove College of applied sciences, Salalah 1-Sep-14
African Collared-Dove Wadi Rabkut 2-Nov-15
Laughing Dove Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
Tambourine Dove Wadi Sahalnaut 11-Apr-16
Namaqua Dove East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Bruce's Green-Pigeon Wadi Darbat 4-Sep-14
Pied Cuckoo Khawr Rawri 30-Oct-14
Common Hawk-Cuckoo Al Beed Farms 7-Jan-16
Common Cuckoo Zeek and district 5-Oct-14
Dideric Cuckoo Wadi Darbat 4-Sep-14
Asian Koel Ayn Hamran 24-Feb-15
Barn Owl Wadi Darbat 2-Jun-16
Arabian Scops-Owl Wadi Darbat 1-May-15
European Scops-Owl Qatbit Motel 18-Sep-15
Pallid Scops-Owl Khatmat Milahah 18-Dec-15
Spotted Eagle-Owl Wadi Hanna 9-Dec-14
Little Owl North of Mirbat 26-May-15
Desert Owl Rakhyut 23-Oct-15
Eurasian Nightjar College of applied sciences, Salalah 27-Apr-15
Alpine Swift Sahnawt farm 9-Apr-15
Common Swift Sahnawt farm 9-Apr-15
Pallid Swift Ayn Sahnawt 12-Nov-14
Forbes-Watson's Swift Wadi Darbat 4-Sep-14
Little Swift Sahnawt farm 17-Apr-15
Eurasian Hoopoe South Sa'adah, Salalah 2-Sep-14
Common Kingfisher Al Mughsayl (general area) 27-Mar-15
Malachite Kingfisher Khawr Rawri 11-Jun-15
White-throated Kingfisher Hilf sewage works 2-Dec-15
Grey-headed Kingfisher College of applied sciences, Salalah 1-Sep-14
Green Bee-eater Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Raysut treated water lake 22-Oct-14
European Bee-eater Qatbit Motel 18-Sep-15
European Roller East Salalah farms 13-Sep-14
Indian Roller Dibba, Oman 24-Apr-15
Eurasian Wryneck Ayn Hamran 7-Nov-14
Lesser Kestrel Tawi Atayr 31-Oct-14
Common Kestrel College of applied sciences, Salalah 1-Sep-14
Amur Falcon Jarziz Farm 29-Apr-15
Eleonora's Falcon Jarziz Farm 12-Jun-15
Sooty Falcon Ras al Sawadi 25-Sep-15
Eurasian Hobby Wadi Darbat 13-Nov-14
Lanner Falcon Al Beed Farms 20-Jan-15
Peregrine Falcon Tawi Atayr25-Dec-14

Galah College of applied sciences, Salalah 17-Feb-15
Ring-necked Parakeet South Sa'adah, Salalah 2-Sep-14
Black-crowned Tchagra Ayn Hamran 4-Oct-14
Red-backed Shrike Baleed Park, Salalah 18-Sep-14
Red-tailed Shrike East Khawr 5-Sep-14
Isabelline Shrike Salalah Park 20-Sep-14
Brown Shrike Qatbit Motel 4-Jan-15
Southern Grey  Shrike Al Beed Farms 11-Oct-14
Masked Shrike Ayn Hamran 26-Nov-14
Woodchat Shrike Al Ghaftayn Resthouse 4-Apr-15
Eurasian Golden Oriole Salalah Park 20-Sep-14
African Paradise-Flycatcher South Sa'adah, Salalah 2-Sep-14
House Crow College of applied sciences, Salalah 1-Sep-14
Brown-necked Raven Thumrait 5-Oct-14
Fan-tailed Raven Zeek and district 5-Oct-14
Singing Bushlark Wadi Darbat 4-Sep-14
Greater Hoopoe-Lark Thumrait 5-Oct-14
Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark Ayn Razat 12-Sep-14
Bar-tailed Lark Shisr road 28-Feb-15
Desert Lark Wadi east of Mirbat 9-Oct-14
Bimaculated Lark Sohar Sun Farms 19-Dec-15
Greater Short-toed Lark Al Beed Farms 11-Oct-14
Crested Lark South Sa'adah, Salalah 2-Sep-14
Skylark Sohar Sun Farms 19-Dec-15
Sand Martin Al Mughsayl (general area) 2-Oct-14
Pale Sand Martin Raysut settling pools 11-Dec-15
Eurasian Crag-Martin East Salalah farms 13-Sep-14
Rock Martin College of applied sciences, Salalah 1-Sep-14
Barn Swallow East Salalah farms 13-Sep-14
Wire-tailed Swallow Raysut settling pools 26-Nov-15
Red-rumped Swallow Raysut settling pools 16-Apr-15
Streak-throated Swallow Raysut settling pools 9-Dec-15
Common House-Martin Ayn Sahnawt 1-Oct-14
Red-vented Bulbul Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
White-spectacled Bulbul Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
White-eared Bulbul Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
Scrub Warbler Eftelqoot 29-Nov-14
Willow Warbler Ayn Razat 12-Sep-14
Common Chiffchaff Wadi Salalah 27-Nov-14
Plain Leaf Warbler Khatmat Milahah 18-Dec-15
Wood Warbler Ayn Hamran 26-Oct-14
Dusky Warbler Al Mughsayl (general area) 10-Nov-15
Hume's Warbler Qatbit Motel 4-Jan-15
Eastern Olivaceous Warbler Al Mughsayl (general area) 2-Oct-14
Upcher's Warbler Ayn Sahnawt 1-Oct-14
Marsh Warbler Jarziz Farm 18-Apr-15
Eurasian Reed-Warbler Al Mughsayl (general area) 9-Jan-15
Great Reed-Warbler Al Mughsayl (general area) 6-Oct-14
Clamorous Reed-Warbler East Khawr 14-Nov-14
Graceful Prinia South Sa'adah, Salalah 2-Sep-14
Eurasian Blackcap Qatbit Motel 4-Jan-15
Asian Desert Warbler Wadi Rabkut 22-Nov-14
Barred Warbler Al Ghaftayn Resthouse 4-Apr-15

Lesser Whitethroat Wadi Hanna 8-Jan-15
Arabian Warbler Ayn Razat 12-Sep-14
Eastern Orphean Warbler Ayn Hamran 23-Dec-14
Menetries's Warbler Haima 6-Mar-15
Whitethroat South Sa'adah, Salalah 2-Sep-14
White-breasted White-eye College of applied sciences, Salalah 1-Sep-14
Arabian Babbler Al Ansab Lagoons 7-May-15
Spotted Flycatcher Wadi Darbat 4-Sep-14
Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin Wadi Darbat 4-Sep-14
Blue-and-white Flycatcher Hilf sewage works 4-Dec-15
Thrush Nightingale Ayn Jarziz 8-Oct-14
Nightingale Ayn Hamran 4-Oct-14
Bluethroat Al Mughsayl (general area) 14-Nov-14
Taiga Flycatcher Qatbit Motel 12-Dec-14
Red-breasted Flycatcher Ayn Hamran 2-Dec-14
Redstart Wadi Hanna 21-Feb-15
Black Redstart Wadi Hanna 8-Jan-15
Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush Ayn Hamran 4-Oct-14
Blue Rock-Thrush Zeek and district 5-Oct-14
Whinchat Muntasar Oasis 8-Jan-16
Siberian Stonechat Al Mughsayl (general area) 2-Oct-14
Blackstart East Khawr 13-Sep-14
Hooded Wheatear Jebel Salakh, Adam 3-Apr-15
Hume's Wheatear Jebel Salakh, Adam 3-Apr-15
Wheatear Al Mughsayl (general area) 26-Oct-14
Arabian Wheatear Wadi Darbat 4-Sep-14
Variable Wheatear Khatmat Milahah 18-Dec-15
Pied Wheatear Al Ghaftayn Resthouse 6-Mar-15
Black-eared Wheatear Dawkah 6-Mar-15
Red-tailed Wheatear Khawr Rawri 10-Jan-15
Desert Wheatear East Khawr 24-Sep-14
Isabelline Wheatear Khawr Salalah 26-Sep-14
Song Thrush Ayn Hamran 2-Dec-14
Starling Sahnawt farm 6-Jan-15
Wattled Starling Sahnawt farm 8-Sep-15
Rosy Starling Sahnawt farm 19-Nov-14
Brahminy Starling Tawi Atayr 8-Jan-15
Common Myna Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
Tristram's Starling College of applied sciences, Salalah 1-Sep-14
Nile Valley Sunbird Mudayy Oasis 25-Oct-14
Palestine Sunbird Tawi Atayr 7-Nov-14
Shining Sunbird College of applied sciences, Salalah 1-Sep-14
Purple Sunbird Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
Forest Wagtail Dahariz Park 17-Nov-15
Western Yellow Wagtail Salalah Park 20-Sep-14
Citrine Wagtail Wadi Salalah 20-Sep-14
Grey Wagtail Ayn Sahnawt 1-Oct-14
White Wagtail Saadah Park 21-Oct-14
Richard's Pipit Sahnawt farm 10-Dec-14
Long-billed Pipit Ayn Sahnawt 1-Oct-14
Tawny Pipit Sahnawt farm 17-Nov-14
Tree Pipit Tawi Atayr 7-Oct-14
Olive-backed Pipit Qatbit Motel 18-Mar-16
Red-throated Pipit Khawr Sawli 26-Oct-14
Water Pipit Muntasar Oasis 6-Feb-15
Hypocolius Mudayy Oasis 22-Nov-14
Ortolan Bunting Dawkah 22-Sep-15
Cretzschmar's Bunting Mudayy Oasis 19-Feb-16
Striolated Bunting Ayn Razat 12-Sep-14
Cinnamon-breasted Bunting Wadi Darbat 4-Sep-14
Black-headed Bunting Dawkah 18-Sep-15
Corn Bunting Sohar Sun Farms 19-Dec-15
Yemen Serin Tawi Atayr 13-Nov-14
Golden-winged Grosbeak Ayn Hamran 31-Dec-14
House Sparrow Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
Chestnut-shouldered Petronia Raysut settling pools 26-Nov-15
Pale Rockfinch Ayn Sahnawt 1-Oct-14
Ruppell's Weaver College of applied sciences, Salalah 1-Sep-14
Red Avadavat Wadi Salalah 20-Dec-14
Zebra Finch Wadi Sahalnaut 10-Apr-16
Indian Silverbill Ghala, Muscat 31-Aug-14
African Silverbill South Sa'adah, Salalah 2-Sep-14
Scaly-breasted Munia Salalah Park 20-Sep-14


  1. Hi Rob,

    Congrats on the LLB. Have you not counted Steppe Gull then?

  2. Andrew, seems it was a glitch in the ebird software for a couple of days. Steppe gull was counted I believe and now isnt again. Rob

  3. nice one Rob. Good to see you catching up with the birds after your extensive list from Bulgaria