Friday 22 October 2010

Come to Libya to see special reed warblers

More excellent research work from Jens Hering and his co-workers has shed more light on the presence of African reed warbler in Libya.

Unlike in Europe, Libya has both the European reed warbler and African reed warbler populations.

Now Jens and his colleagues have identified exactly where in Benghazi and Al Marj the two species breed. Also, for the first time, they have discovered a breeding site in Tripolitania too at Taourgha.

Taken from J. Hering, E. Fuchs and H. Winkler (2010) Neus von Zimt

To the naked eye the birds look the same and they sound the same too. However their DNA is different and the wings of the African reed warbler are shorter.

Taken from J. Hering, E. Fuchs and H. Winkler (2010) Neus von Zimt

Above is a map that the scientists have produced showing where the African reed warbler breeds (red) and European reed warbler (blue).

The scientists have also found out much information on both birds preferred habitats.

So please read their paper: J.Hering, E. Fuchs, H.Winkler (21010) Neus von Zimt: Acrocephalus baeticatus und Teichrosanger A. scripaceus.

Where else in the Western Palearctic can you claim African reed warbler? The moral is: come birding in Libya!

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