Wednesday 3 November 2010

Near threatened duck in town

Ferruginous duck is "near threatened" because its European population is in steep decline (especially in Ukraine and Poland). So I was very pleased to see a flock last week at Juliana, Benghazi.

It is known to winter in small numbers across northern Libya but I think this is the second largest flock recorded in the country.

four ferruginous duck on Juliana lake, October 28th

The flock numbered 14 birds. My research shows that the largest flock recorded was by the UN winter bird count in January 2007 at Wadi Zaret dam south of Tripoli. There may be other reports of larger numbers but I haven't found them.

all 14 ferruginous duck in the flock

The number and type of duck in Cyreniaca is building by the day at the moment. Also in Juliana were a few pintail and pochard.

pintail at Juliana

Pochard has been recorded in small numbers by the UN winter water bird count but is is not shown on the Collins guide distribution map for north east Libya. However, Ferruginous duck isn't shown in the country at all!

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