Sunday 15 May 2011

Woodland near Rogachevo

I am settling into a bit of a routine while I am grounded in Bulgaria awaiting the end of my contract in Libya and the start of my new job which will be in Saudi Arabia. 

Part of my routine is to visit Elbarr in Rogachevo for a British Sunday lunch followed by a birding trip into the surrounding woodland and meadows.  

At the moment, the start of my Sunday birding is actually at Elbarr itself. The building has 5 barn swallow nests and there is plenty of activity.

barn swallow in nest at Elbarr, Rogachevo

It looks to me like all the nests are being re-built though one of the family at Elbarr tells me that at least one of the barn swallow pairs are already sitting on eggs.  I intend to follow the progress of these pairs through the summer.

And it would appear that summer is finally with us.

part of the woodland near Rogachevo

It was a glorious afternoon during which I spent a couple of hours walking through the local woodland.  The noise of nightingale was everywhere. The sound of great tit was nearly as common. Yet more golden oriole were heard and seen along with jay, magpie, cuckoo whitethroat and blackcap.

woodlark on path through the woodland

I am always pleased when I photograph a bird for the first time. Today it was the turn of woodlarkI don't know this bird very well and the most noticeable thing about it for me was how short the tail is.

two woodlark on a path through the woodland

The woodlark were in a flock of at least four birds. They were quite shy but luckily for me they kept flying further down the path rather than flying off completely.

male red backed shrike

Following on from my last blog when I reported seeing red backed shrike for the first time this summer, I noticed several on the edges of the wood today including the male above.

spotted flycatcher

I try not to show pictures of birds which I have recently shown unless I get a better one. That's my reason for showing this one of a spotted flycatcher which is also present in large numbers in the local woodland.

long tailed tit

The same goes for the long tailed tit above which was one of a large group near the beginning of the walk.

common buzzard

I didn't see any sparrowhawk or kestrel this time but there has always been a sighting of common buzzard. 

During conversation at Elbarr, one couple told me about the scops owl living in an out house on their land and another couple  told me about an occupied  white stork's nest next to their house. I hope to bring your more news on of these in the near future.

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