Monday 31 October 2011

Lesser kestrel in the air

Lesser kestrel is reported in the Riyadh area but as an uncommon migrant .

10 days ago on October 20th, Tony saw a bird which he thought was a lesser kestrel flying over wadi hanifah. One of the bird photographers in the area, who I have begun to get to know quite well, took some photos. He showed them to Tony and it is confirmed the bird was indeed a lesser kestrel.

Since then Roy De Guzman Daantos, the bird photographer has kindly agreed to let me show three of the pictures of the lesser kestrel on this blog. I am grateful to him.

first picture of the lesser kestrel

From underneath, the rufous belly of this male bird is pretty much diagnostic, particularly if you have got good optics to show it off!

second picture of the lesser kestrel

different view of the lesser kestrel

With four bird photographers regularly spending time in the area, there is already a body of evidence on the birds of the Riyadh area and I am sure there will be many more exciting pieces of birding evidence to come.

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