Sunday 20 November 2011

Osprey at Al Hayer

While Dennis Cox, Abdullah Amrou and I were visiting a farm at Al Kharj, Roy de Guzman Daantos was at Al Hayer 40 kilometres to the north.

Roy is a bird photographer like Abdullah. He is the first one to photograph an osprey at Hayer this winter. It was not unexpected. In the early 1990s Tom Tarrant reported the bird wintered there. Abdullah had recently seen a bird of prey he described to me as a fish hunter.

The Helms guide only describes it as a passage bird which winters on the Arabian and other middle eastern coasts and also in the Iraq marshes. 

osprey in flight at Al Hayer last Thursday

Two of Roy's photos are shown here but please remember that all rights to reproduction belong to him.

osprey resting on tree at Al Hayer

Roy shows many pictures on his flickr account which I recommend people to visit.  His account can be reached using

As I have said before,  the wildlife photographers here have an enormous bank of knowledge and information on the Riyadh area. I am grateful for Roy for sharing some of it here with us.

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