Saturday 25 February 2012

The bluethroats

Bluethroat is a common wintering bird along the "Riyadh river". From October to January they are best seen in the early morning or towards dusk. They are usually near the water's edge.

However, in February, I have noticed they are active all day long provided it isn't too hot.  I have also seen them further away from the water in the very low shrubbery at times.

male bluethroat at Al Hayer on Thursday

It's been very easy to see them in past two or three weeks because of this activity. I wonder if they are fattening themselves up for the long migration to their breeding grounds which will take place soon.

same male bluethroat

And it is a relatively long migration because many of the bluethroat here seem to be orange spot. This makes them the sub species called svecica which is the most northerly sub species from northern Europe.  

female bluethroat on Thursday

I spent five or ten minutes looking at these birds with newly arrived American birder, Lou Regenmorter. He told me he once went on a nature holiday to Alaska and it was one of the possible birds there. He didn't see it. He has now.

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