Friday 6 April 2012

Jizan and the deep south west

I am writing this from Jizan just before I set out back to Riyadh.

It's been a great weekend. As usual for me I went to places which I don't think many birders have tried before. They aren't necessarily better but I prefer the unknown to the expected.

It's been a success. I have seen over 50 species. At least 13 are new to my Saudi list and four are "lifers". Two of these were Arabian endemics. This leaves me just more  Arabian endemics - Yemen Serin and Arabian waxbill to find in Saudi Araiba because the other one remaining the Yemen Accentor is n't believed to be in Saudi Arabia.

one of 15 pink backed pelican which flew over Jizan two hours before this blog was written

I haven't got time to give an account today but I will start recounting tomorrow. There are plenty of African birds to see alongside Paleartic late winterers and resident birds.

I thank Yousef, Mark and Moe for their hospitality and local knowledge.

I hope you will read my accounts.

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