Sunday 21 April 2013

Bonelli's eagle near Tabuk

My friend and birding colleague Viv Wilson goes into the desert near Tabuk many Thursdays during the year. He rarely sees more than 10 species but what he misses out on quantity he often makes up with quality especially with birds of prey and vultures.  

One of a pair of Bonelli's eagle (all photos by Viv Wilson)

Last Thursday he spotted two Bonelli's eagle.

The pair of Bonelli's eagle

They have been recorded near Tabuk before and are a tiny (residential) dot on the map in the Helms bird guide for the region.

Bonelli's eagle near a rock face

They were seen in an area where Viv doesn't usually bird. The location won't be disclosed.

Tristram's starling (grackle)

Among the few other birds seen was Tristram's starling.

Sinai rosefinch

Almost every time he goes out, he sees Sinai rosefinch which favours rocky outcrops in sandy desert or semi desert.

My thanks for the photos and information as well as my congratulations to Viv.

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