Saturday 4 May 2013

Short note on Abha

I got back to Riyadh from Abha last night and it was among the best birding experiences since I arrived in the kingdom nearly two years ago.

After a slowish start at Abha dam on Thursday morning things got better and better as I went towards Tanomah with friend and fellow birder Mansur al Fahad. On Friday I birded alone on an Abha farm and this was very good too.

 Red breasted wheatear inside Abha city

I have a large amount of information and photos to go through so this blog is just a short note with much fuller details and pictures to follow.

Arabian warbler on a farm

Seven birds were added to my Saudi list including red- breasted wheatear (shown above). The other six were an Afro-tropical summer breeder, a rare bird of prey, a newly acknowledged Arabian endemic, an  Afro-tropical resident,  a migrant warbler which skulks and another migrant which was the last species left on my Nemesis birds list.

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