Saturday 12 October 2013

Hotel garden, Adama, Ethiopia

Before breakfast and for just a forty minute period I birded the small gardens around my hotel in Adama, Ethiopia. 

I saw 20 species and of course some were lifers but I was surprised how many I knew from an assortment of other birding areas I have visited especially Morocco, Senegal and south west Saudi Arabia.

red-billed firefinch

The garden held birds of all sizes including small birds. I suspect there may have been more of these if it weren't for three cats prowling around. One of the most colourful was a single red-billed firefinch

Tawny-flanked prinia

And one of the least colourful was another small bird. Four tawny-flanked prinia were seen.

Abyssinian citril

Abyssinan citril was one of the lifers from this short session.

red-cheeked cordonbleu

Red-cheeked cordonbleu was one of those birds I had meet before. The first and last time was in Senegal.

grey-headed sparrow

Grey headed sparrow was met there too. Adama doesn't seem to have any house sparrow though I am sure they are spreading this way.

grey headed sparrow from another angle

It was nice to see two yellow wagtail on the lawn. They were the only Western Palearctic migrants before breakfast!

yellow wagtail

I am afraid I failed to identify two species of sunbird which were the only other small birds. I 'll check them out over the next couple of days when I get a moment in the garden.

common bulbul

Among the medium sized birds were common bulbul and African paradise flycatcher. The latter is a bird I have actually seen in Saudi Arabia but views were much better and easier here.

African paradise flycatcher

Spectacled mousebird was the next lifer.

spectacled mousebird

I believe that means of have seen three of Africa's mousebirds now.

second view of spectacled mousebird

There were four types of dove present: African mourning dove, red-eyed dove, African collared dove and Speckled pigeon.

African mourning dove

The only lifer was speckled pigeon. However its obviously very numerous in Ethiopia.

speckled pigeon

A pied crow made an appearance and preened itself for quite a while.

pied crow

As in most cities south of the Sahara, yellow billed kite is not easy to find and at least two flew over the garden.

yellow billed kite

That was the last of the birds before breakfast. However on return from our day trip and as we were drinking coffee over the road from the hotel, two more species flew over it.   

sacred ibis

There were two small waves of sacred ibis and I also noticed pale crag martin hawking for insects.

The birds at the hotel were a good omen for the day. We went on to Sodhere resort after breakfast. Its an even higher and more rural area. There were more good birds which I'll blog about next. 


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