Thursday 6 August 2015

Meadowland south of UB Ponds

After UB Ponds, Gansukh Namgar  took me a few kilometres south east to a meadow area with light woodland. It also had a stream and was very picturesque. It was however a short stop.

We hadn't really come for the view. Gansukh knew this was good place to see Azure-winged magpie.

azure-winged magpie

He was right. This was easily seen. It was not a new bird for me having seen them in Japan before. Nevertheless it was good to see them at the other end of their Asian range.


Corvids were numerous here. Common magpie still managed to out number the azure-winged magpie. There was also a sizeable loose flock of crow.

Careful inspection of the group showed there was one rook among them.


This turned out to be the only rook I observed on my whole stay in Mongolia.


Two pairs of raven were also observed this time in the trees.

white-cheeked starling with tree sparrow

The most common bird was not a corvid at all. Once again as so often in East Asia it was tree sparrow. A solitary white-cheeked starling was found. This was only the only one I saw in Mongolia.


Hoopoe were grazing in the wet grass.

black kite (black-eared)

Black eared kite can be found all around the edge and suburbs of Ulan Bator and this location was no exception.

This stop was short but it still gave me additions to my growing Mongolian list. However the longest stop for the day was still to come and with it many additions. We spent all afternoon and early evening at Hustai National Park. I will blog about that next.

Selbe River SE of UB ponds
Black Kite (Black-eared) 
Feral Pigeon 
Common Swift 
Azure-winged Magpie 
Common Magpie 
Carrion Crow
Northern Raven
White-cheeked Starling
White  Wagtail  
Tree Sparrow 

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