Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Muqshin is 70 kilometres west of Ghaftain and not known as a birding site by many. Though it is becoming more and more known.

I had driven past it several times without realising it had potential.

The wadi is approachable from the Salalah side of the town and several parts can even be accessed without a four wheeled drive car.

I regret not visiting it in winter when I was first told about the place and the wintering birds there.

One area of trees is viewable from the main road and that is where I spent some time. The habitat looks good with plenty of bushes, trees and water. 

red-throated pipit

The birds I found weren't astonishing but I recognise the potential of the habitat.

The ground birds were all pipits or wagtails this time. A summer plumaged male red-throated pipit showed well.

yellow wagtail

It was associating with a yellow wagtail as is often the case on passage.

yellow wagtail

Elsewhere in the wooded area, I found a tree pipit.

tree pipit

There was a warbler and it was a common whitethroat.

some water in the woods

Further down in the wadi itself the landscape is more open but there are clusters of trees and bushes.

On first look all the doves were European collared dove as there also were in the wood described earlier. However at least one was a European turtle dove.

European turtle dove

House sparrow was common. However was a Turkestan shrike and two desert wheatear and a pied wheatear too. 

Turkestan shrike

On the way back to the main road there is a second cluster of trees, this time including palm. There is some water here too. It had attracted two brown-necked raven. I could also hear but not see a clamorous reed warbler in the palms.

Next to the palms was a Siberian stonechat. These are not common in the south of the country.

Siberian stonechat 1

This was a male bird seemingly in new plumage.

Siberian stonechat 2

I will certainly visit Muqshin every time I go to Ghaftain in future.


  1. Hi Rob, the Euro Turtle Dove is wrongly labelled.