Friday 30 September 2016

Northern outskirts revisited

I walked out north out of the city again on Sunday as it was so productive on Friday. This time I walked out further too.

There was no large warbler windfall like I observed two days before. Though a small number of willow warbler were present in the short scrub.

By way of compensation I saw four adult European turtle dove in the same area. Last time there was just one juvenile mixing with local laughing dove.

European turtle dove

Just outside the city there are some bedouin camps with camels that seem to attract brown-necked raven.

brown-necked raven

Unlike Friday I walked on further into the desert.

I couldn't understand why the bird density seemd to increase rather than decrease.

speckled pigeon

A speckled pigeon was an unexpected sight.

speckled pigeon and ringed plover

Then seeing it with a flock of ringed plover in the desert was stranger still. Then a whimbrel flew by.

All became clear when I moved further into the desert. Over a sandy ridge I could see that there was a lake which had remained out of sight until then.

lake in the desert

A small flock of greater flamingo were present along with plenty of waders.

pied crow

Some pied crow were at the water. This is my first sighting of this species in the Nouakchott area.

blue-cheeked bee-eater

Blue-cheeked bee-eater are omnipresent in the Nouakchott area where they are resident.

curlew sandpiper 1

When I see waders I have learned over the years to look for exceptions. One curlew sandpiper was given special attention.

curlew sandpiper 2

It's supercilium was unusually strong and there was a hint of a second one. The bill was slightly more decurved than normal.

curlew sandpiper 3

However it was not broad-billed sandpiper which would be a major rarity this far west.

great white pelican

I was just beginning to accept there would be no new additions to my Muaritianian list when a flock of great white pelican flew over head. This was the 95th bird on the list.

This made my walk back more pleasant.

white-crowned wheatear

As I reached the first house back in the city, which is still under construction I noticed a white-crowned wheatear on the top.

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