Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ever changing cast at East Khawr

During the week when my birding is necessarily limited to late afternoon, East Khawr is my closest option.

Luckily for me its bird cast has changed each time I have visited and I am still finding birds there for the first time since starting in Oman.

Yesterday afternoon, there were four more such species.

Temminck's stint

Well in from the sea, at the side of some reeds, was a group of six Temminck's stint. One in particular interested me because it was still in summer plumage. As far as I can tell it is a juvenile. I can't recall seeing a Temminck's stint in summer plumage before and the main regional guide doesn't bother to illustrate it.

second view of Temminck's stint

All the other stints were mostly or totally in winter plumage.

Two Temminck's stint

The second new find for me in Oman was a group of five wood sandpiper very near to the stints.

redshank with wood sandpiper

Much closer to the sea and on an island in the lagoon were two cattle egret along side some grey heron in the island's trees.

(western) cattle egret

Once again this was a new sighting for me in Oman on my eleventh day in the country.

The fourth new sighting was a common teal in with a group of garganey.

flock of glossy ibis

In other news form East Khawr, the spoonbills and the African sacred ibis have left the site. However the flock of glossy ibis which were missing two days before have returned suggesting only local movements.

common moorhen

Once again the common moorhen were out in the open and I have great hopes for seeing crakes in a month or two.

spotted flycatcher

Two nice views on the walk to the khawr were a spotted flycatcher and the resident little green bee-eater

little green bee-eater

Today being the start of the weekend here, I am venturing further afield. I am trying my luck in the closest hills to Salalah.

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