Sunday 26 December 2010

More news from Sirt

Les Edwards has sent me some more pictures of birds in the Sirt area. I am very grateful to all those who contribute to this blog and Les is proving how much can be done.

Here are four pictures Les took on December 20th and December 21st.

kentish plover

Les tells me that the best place to find birds is on the local farms. His observation is mirrored by me in all the drier parts of the country. In fact birding is often easier in the drier places because you know exactly where to go!

little owl

I am amazed how widespread in Libya that little owl is. It almost looks camouflaged. 

desert grey shrike

Les' picture proves that the grey shrike in Sirt is desert grey shrike algeriensis. This a great picture to see how much white there is in the wing.

crested lark

No gallery of Libyan birds would be complete without a crested lark.

I am always looking for contributions to the blog. if you have a story and pictures I'll happily post them. I want this to become a communal blog celebrating Libyan birds from all quarters.

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