Wednesday 26 January 2011

It's Tripoli this weekend

I'm visiting Tripoli this weekend for the first time since August and I intend to bird watch for two full days.

I'm really looking forward to see old friends - both people and birds - and to see some new ones if possible. 

My plan is to visit the Jebel Nafusa one day and Wadi Kaam the next. I have great expectations. I'll be birding with Andy, Helen and Ibrahim.

kestrel in Tripoli by Yusuf Madi

There are more and more birders and photographers of birds in the Tripoli area. This blog shows three pictures from three different people, all taken very recently. 

The first is of a kestrel taken by Ibrahim's cousin, Yusuf, next to his high rise office in Tripoli. Kestrel is an urban bird in Tripoli and is present in big numbers all year round. Two or three people have told me they have had nests on ledges near their office or on their house. These birds have learnt not to be shy of people.

little ringed plover at Wadi Kaam by Ali Berbash

The second picture is of a little ringed plover taken by Ali Berbash at Wadi Kaam reservoir. Wadi Kaam is where I am going on Saturday. True to form it was found next to a man made water structure. 

Little ringed plover is a bird I have been looking for near Benghazi but have failed to find in this area this winter. It is a fairly common winter visitor in Tripolitania. Indeed Tripolitania is one of the very few places north of the Sahara where this bird winters. The proportion of all little ringed plover who winter north is much less than that for ringed plover.

golden plover by Essam Bourass

The final picture was taken by Essam Bourass at the Marine Research Centre, Tripoli. Golden plover are known winterers in north west and north east Libya. Essam seems to have got closer to his birds than I did to mind.

I am grateful to all three photographers for permission to use their photographs. I hope to be able to add my own on Tripolitania next week.

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