Saturday 22 January 2011

They're all here - Marj's white storks

All the white stork are back at Old Marj. I still don't know if they actually went away! I had seen two of them two weeks ago and none last week. My guess is a small number over-winter but the others go away in October and return - well I think they returned this week.

Part of the reason I think they left is that I have a friend who was deputy manager of the government farm at Jardinah where the birds spend much of their summer eating. He told me that there had been no storks around since October on the farm. Also I haven't seen any except those two birds anywhere either.

On the other hand, I know at least some over-winter because Libyan bird watchers from the EGA (Environment General Authority) have told me!

a white stork at Marj yesterday

Yesterday was my first day with my new and better camera. I went to Ain Azziana and to Marj hoping for a photo opportunity (even though I don't know how to use the camera properly yet).

As soon as I arrived I saw a white stork in the air out of the corner of my eye.

some more of the Old Marj flock

Secondly later the air was full with them. Now I know why people in eastern Europe get so excited when their storks return. It was a wonderful feeling.

I wonder if it was their first day back because they fed all day and didn't really move far from their breeding colony.  I didn't see any attempts at nest repair either.

just over half the flock in a field

There are only 30 or so birds at Old Marj and I counted 30 birds yesterday.
All their movements were very short distance (like below).

moving from one field to the next

They seemed to be particularly fond of the field right next to their nests.

blown up photo of three of the Old Marj birds

I wonder if the Labyar colony's birds are around?

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