Saturday 1 January 2011

Jens Hering about to unlock more southern secrets

More and more is rapidly becoming known about Libyan birds. The growth in local birders especially working for the EGA (Environment General Authority), birding from bird watchers like me and a few foreign ornithologists has been significant in the past three or four years.

One of the most important contributions has been from German Jens Hering. See my blog's tab on research for a flavour of what he has achieved.

Jens Hering with Zeiss optics

Jens is currently in Libya again (for two weeks) and is mostly visiting the south.  A map below shows some of the places he is visiting. These are Ghadamis. Jaghbub, as Sarir, Kufra and Uweinat.

I am very excited about what he might find and I understand he is armed with very advanced optics.

Jens realised before I did that the government project farms in the desert (and in the north) have altered the landscape of wintering birds and some migrations. 

Jens latest locations in blue

I know Jens publishes through scientific journals so we may have to wait a few months before we know his results. I will find that wait difficult!

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