Saturday 29 January 2011

Moussier's redstart at Yefren

People used to think Moussier's redstart was rare (or even vagrant) in Libya. It simply isn't true. In winter its not at all difficult to find in north west Libya.

I saw single birds twice last winter. But this year there seems to be an avalanche of them. Ibrahim, Andy and Helen saw three last weekend at Farwa.

I am back in Tripoli for the first time since August for this weekend and I'm birding with the above threesome.

Yesterday at Yefren reservoir we saw five (5) Moussier's redstart and we hadn't even been looking for it.

female Moussier's redstart at Yefren

One female was particularly helpful. She didn't seem very shy. She is photographed above and below.

second look at a female Moussier's redstart at Yefren

Two of the five birds were male. It's a beautiful bird. Unfortunately they proved much more difficult to approach and stayed firmly away from the public areas!

male Moussier's redstart

However, I was allowed to stay two or three minutes in a private area and got the above long distance shot.

climbing back into the public area

Here is me climbing back into the public area after a vain attempt to get a close up of a male Moussier's redstart. The things I do!

Ibrahim is warning off the paparazzi while Diane looks on.

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