Tuesday 21 August 2018

Arrival at Maansour hotel, Hargeisa

On 20th July I had a restful day within the grounds of the Maansour Hotel, Hargeisa, Somaliland ahead of a full day out on July 21st with Abdi Jama of Nature Somaliland. That trip was very eventful and will be subject of the next blog.

  • Maansour hotel was chosen for its large gardens although I found only a relatively small section was wild enough for good birding
  • Maansour hotel is one of the two relatively upscale hotels in the city and was adequate for my needs. It is highly secure though I din't feel unsafe at any time while in the country. The menu was quite cosmopolitan and the rooms satisfactory. Remember Somaliland is a poor country. The Maansour did well enough.
  • I saw 20 species
  • Four were lifers: Swainson's sparrow, Somali crow, variable sunbird and chestnut weaver

Swainson's sparrow

Swainson's sparrow is obviously closely related to northern grey headed sparrow. It is duller all round except for its rump which is a rusty red and which contrasts with the rest of the bird.

laughing dove

Five types of dove were seen either in or near the hotel gardens.

red-eyed dove

The common bulbul here is of the Somali sub species.

common bulbul (Somali bulbul sub species)

female type Ruppell's weaver

female type chestnut weaver

chestnut weaver


Three hooded vulture were attracted to the hotel kitchens. I was told the vultures are fed by staff.

hooded vulture

Maansour hotel

20 species seen at Maansour Hotel, Hargeisa, Somaliland. 20th July 2018
Feral Pigeon  
Speckled Pigeon  
Mourning Collared Dove  
Red-eyed Dove  
Laughing Dove  
Little Swift  
Hooded Vulture  
Black Kite (Yellow-billed)  
Blue-naped Mousebird  
Madagascar Bee-eater  
Pied Crow  
Somali Crow  
Ethiopian Swallow  
Common Bulbul  
Northern Crombec  
Variable Sunbird (White-bellied)  
Swainson's Sparrow  
Rüppell's Weaver  
Chestnut Weaver  

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