Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Mid June in Nouakchott

Mid June in Nouakchott is the quietest time of year for birds.

  • The rainy season in southern Mauritania is July to mid October
  • Nouakchott normally gets 2 or 3 heavy rains almost any time during that period
  • It amounts often amounts to only 100 mm at that time
  • Mid June is before any potential rain
  • Most palearctic migrants have gone
  • No possible rainy season birds have arrived. In the case of this site that especially means blue-cheeked bee-eater
  • At the waste water site
    • Resident spur-winged lapwing appear to be making scrapes for nests
    • Still a few migrants namely woodchat shrike, willow warbler, blackcap and western olivaceous warbler
    • Sudan golden sparrow more numerous than in winter and spring
    • Similarly with Namaqua dove
Please note a series of blogs will follow reporting on my tour of Uganda, Rwanda, Somaliland and Djibouti in July.

spur winged lapwing

woodchat shrike

Sudan golden sparrow


willow warbler 1

willow warbler 2

willow warbler 3

Namaqua dove. One of many

plain tiger butterfly. Common at the site

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  1. Should be Sudan golden sparrow instead of Arabian