Monday 6 August 2018

Nouakchott coast at the end of May

My work load is making blogging even more difficult. I have also been on a holiday round east Africa with birding in mind.

I have a backlog of 13 blogs. In order to catch up I will annotate onlyat least until I catch up..

  • This birding was on 29th May along the beach at Noukachott, starting at the old wharf and walking north to the fish market.
  • Macroccanus great cormorant seen with local lucidus white-breasted cormorant on the wharf
  • Still haven't seen an arctic tern despite several tens of common tern over the past two years
  • 50 or more lesser black-backed gull over-summering
  • One probably adult kelp gull
  • Plenty of over-summering immature Audouin's gull too.
  • Waders that remain include a fair proportion of damaged birds except Kentish plover

two subspecies of great cormorant

close-up of great cormorant

two white-breasted cormorant

adult common tern 

adult common tern 2

The immatures and non-breeding terns were also common tern. The longish legs and broad carpal bar were strong indications.

first non-breeding common tern

second non-breeding common tern

third non-breeding common tern

A good cross-section of other terns were seen on the walk up the beach. See the list at the end.

great white pelican

many (mostly) lesser black-backed gull

immature Audouin's gull

lesser black-backed gull

Probable kelp gull as indicated by darker mantle and wings than the lesser black-backed gull found in Mauritania, the broad white trailing edge, the apparent big bill and the health of this adult bird. Only unhealthy adult lesser black-backed gull over-summer.

probable adult kelp gull


reason whimbrel like this beach

South of the fish market
Great Cormorant  
Great White Pelican  
Western Reef-Heron  
Kentish Plover  
Common Ringed Plover  
Audouin's Gull 
Lesser Black-backed Gull 
Kelp Gull     
Little Tern  
Gull-billed Tern  
Caspian Tern  
Common Tern  
Royal Tern  
Sandwich Tern  
Lesser Crested Tern  
Little Swift  
Crested Lark  
Barn Swallow 
House Sparrow  

On or near the old Wharf 29th May
Great Cormorant  
Great White Pelican  
Audouin's Gull  
Lesser Black-backed Gull  
Common Tern  
Royal Tern  
Little Swift  
Barn Swallow  
House Sparrow  
Sudan Golden Sparrow  

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