Thursday 16 August 2018

Entebbe day 3

July 14th was my third day at Entebbe Botanical Gardens. It was overcast again but the rain mostly held off. I managed my longest session that day.

  • 46 species seen
  • I concentrated on smaller birds for the first time.
  • Smaller birds identified included winding cisticola, swamp flycatcher, red-chested sunbird and little weaver
  • A partially identified female sunbird was probably copper sunbird
  • Lifers were swamp flycatcher, Ross's turaco, and yellow throated longclaw 

swamp flycatcher

Swamp flycatcher was seen in bushes right next to Lake Victoria. I can see why people say it looks superficially like a banded martin.

red-chested sunbird 1

red-chested sunbird 2

yellow-throated longclaw

Yellow-throated longclaw liked the long grass.

winding cisticola

Winding cisticola was only seen next to the Lake.

grey parrot 1

Good to see grey parrot wild and free.

grey parrot 2

malachite kingfisher

Female sunbirds can be tricky.

probable copper sunbird 1

This one lacked the streaking expected on the undersides of a red-chested sunbird.

probable copper sunbird 2

Very few other options exist in this geography. 

probable copper sunbird 3

The bird appears to have dark ear coverts and a weak supercilium as well as parallel pale line below the ear coverts. Copper sunbird looks the best fit. It is  recorded in the gardens.

Egyptian goose

black and white colobus monkey

striated heron

village weaver

great cormorant and long-tailed cormorant


Ross's turaco

All turacos seen in the gardens stayed in the canopy.

Madagascar bee-eater

Ruppell's starling

red-knobbed coot

African pied wagtail

46 species seen at Entebbe Botanic Gardens, July 14th, 2018
Egyptian Goose  
Red-eyed Dove  
Ring-necked Dove  
Great Blue Turaco  
Ross's Turaco  
Eastern Plantain-eater  
African Palm-Swift  
Red-knobbed Coot  
African Openbill  
Marabou Stork  
Long-tailed Cormorant  
Great Cormorant  
Pink-backed Pelican  
Grey Heron  
Black-headed Heron  
Little Egret  
Cattle Egret  
Striated Heron 
Hadada Ibis  
African Harrier-Hawk  
Long-crested Eagle  
Black Kite (Yellow-billed)  
African Fish-Eagle  
Speckled Mousebird 
Crowned Hornbill  
Black-and-white-casqued Hornbill  
Malachite Kingfisher  
Pied Kingfisher  
Madagascar Bee-eater  
Grey Parrot  
Black-headed Gonolek  
Black-headed Paradise-Flycatcher (Red-bellied) 
Pied Crow  
Common Bulbul (Dark-capped)  
Winding Cisticola 
African Yellow White-eye 
Swamp Flycatcher  
Rüppell's Starling  
Red-chested Sunbird  
Copper Sunbird  
African Pied Wagtail  
Yellow-throated Longclaw 
Little Weaver  
Orange Weaver  
Village Weaver 
Bronze Mannikin  

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts from Entebbe. we stayed at the Ugamda Wildlife Center next to the botanical gardens and saw more species than the Botanical Gardens.
    We got the Shoebill a taxi ride away at the Mabamba Swamp. Awesome trip.