Friday 10 August 2018

Entebbe day 2

July 13th was my second day at Entebbe Botanic Gardens but my first full day.

  • Cloudy and drizzly. July should have been the driest month but locals said not so this year.
  • I visited all corners of the gardens. Near the lake had the most activity.
  • 32 species seen
  • Large numbers of Marabou stork as well as openbill and hamerkop in the north east corner near the lake.
  • Lifers were: long-crested eagle, great blue turaco, black-and-white-casqued hornbill, African pygmy-kingfisher, African hobby, black-headed paradise-flycatcher and red-chested sunbird

Marabou stork

great blue turaco



african pied wagtail

African pied wagtail was another species seen only in the far north east corner of the gardens.

long-crested eagle 1

long-crested eagle 2

woodland kingfisher 2

Egyptian goose

red-tailed monkey

There are three speices of monkey in the gardens but only one is a red-tailed monkey

black and white casqued hornbill 1

black and white casqued hornbill 2

little weaver

black-headed heron

Black-headed heron has less affinity to water than grey heron.

African thrush

black-headed paradise flycatcher

Black-headed paradise flycatcher has a red belly rather than pale grey belly of an African paradise-flycatcher.

Eastern plaintain eater

African pygmy kingfisher 1

African pygmy kingfisher is a kingfisher of woodland.

African pygmy kingfisher 2

Vervet monkey

Vervet monkey is the most numerous monkey in the gardens.

cattle egret

speckled mousebird

African palm swift near palms 1

African palm swift near palms 2

bronze mannikin

red-eyed dove

Species seen on July 13th 2018 at Entebbe Botanic Gardens
Egyptian Goose  
African Openbill  
Marabou Stork  
Long-tailed Cormorant  
Black-headed Heron  
Little Egret  
Cattle Egret  
Hadada Ibis  
African Harrier-Hawk  
Long-crested Eagle  
Black Kite (Yellow-billed)  
Red-eyed Dove  
Great Blue Turaco  
Eastern Plantain-eater  
African Palm-Swift 
Speckled Mousebird  
Crowned Hornbill  
Black-and-white-casqued Hornbill  
African Pygmy-Kingfisher  
Woodland Kingfisher  
Pied Kingfisher  
African Hobby 
Black-headed Paradise-flyctacher 
Pied Crow  
Common Bulbul (Dark-capped)  
African Yellow White-eye 
Red-chested Sunbird  
African Pied Wagtail  
Little Weaver  
Bronze Mannikin  

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