Wednesday 29 August 2018

Heavy passage and a lifer

My first birding in the Nouakchott area since returning from my summer break was at the waste water site.

It was on August 19th and was much better than expected.

  • there was a large warbler passage: western Bonelli's warblerwillow warblercommon chiffchaff, western olivaceous warblermelodious warblersedge warblereurasian reed warbler, common grasshopper warbler, spectacled warbler
  • western olivaceous warbler, western Bonelli's warbler and melodious warbler were early passage last year.
  • common grasshopper warbler was a target bird. It is known to winter in West Africa and even south west Mauritania. However, it was lifer for me and number 306 on my Mauritanian list.
  • Though seen by me in country before, I photographed a European cuckoo for the first time here.
  • There was a good cross section of early waders including a curlew sandpiper
  • A full list of species seen is at the bottom of the blog

immature chiffchaff

western bonelli's warbler

common grasshopper warbler

hepatic female common cuckoo 1

hepatic female common cuckoo 2


spur-winged lapwing and other waders

rufous bush-robin

curlew sandpiper

glossy ibis


common ringed plover

blue-cheeked bee-eater

spotted flycatcher 1

spotted flycatcher 2

pied flycatcher


North Nouakchott waste water site, Nouakchott, MR
19-Aug-2018 09:45 - 13:45
36 species
Laughing Dove  
Namaqua Dove  
Common Cuckoo  
Black-winged Stilt  
Spur-winged Lapwing  
Common Ringed Plover  
Curlew Sandpiper  
Little Stint  
Common Sandpiper  
Common Greenshank  
Wood Sandpiper  
Common Redshank  
Glossy Ibis 
Eurasian Hoopoe (Eurasian)  
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater  
Great Grey Shrike (Sahara)  
Woodchat Shrike  
Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark  
Crested Lark  
Barn Swallow  
Western Bonelli's Warbler  
Willow Warbler  
Common Chiffchaff  
Western Olivaceous Warbler  
Melodious Warbler  
Sedge Warbler  
Eurasian Reed Warbler 
Common Grasshopper Warbler  
Spectacled Warbler  
Spotted Flycatcher  
Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin  
Common Nightingale  
European Pied Flycatcher  
Sudan Golden Sparrow 


  1. With great sorrow I am writing to let the birding community know that Rob Passed away last week. I know he will be mourned by this community he loved and contributed so much to. His passion was so great he even drew non birders like myself into crazy counting frenzies.May his spirit live on in all of you mad birders out there.

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